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Warden's Report Vestry 2017



Wardens Report to Vestry 2017

  2016 has been a year of stability and change for the Church of St. Jude’s and for the Wardens. Mike Geoghegan stepped down as Warden after extending his term a couple of years to help the transition with various priests. Jennifer Chalmers stepped into the deputy Rector’s Warden slot having successfully chaired the Selection Committee in 2015. Sheila Dempster and Derek Shadlock extended their terms once again through 2016 to give of their knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Glenda Hayward completed a second year as deputy People’s Warden.

As outlined in the Canons “The Church Wardens shall act as the executive officers of the Parish Council and shall use their respective reasonable best efforts to carry out all lawful resolutions of the Parish Council of the parish/congregation.” The Wardens chaired Parish Council and met prior to each meeting with the priests to discuss any outstanding issues and to plan the agenda. Council met monthly in 2016 excluding July and August and the approved Minutes are posted in the Narthex for all to read.

Over the past year, committees and individuals have become more diligent in circulating monthly and quarterly reports prior to meetings, thus freeing Council to use meeting times for discussion and decision making about significant ideas and issues. New this year is consistent attendance by a teen member, Julia Davis, which aligns well with our core value regarding children and youth. Thank you to Amanda Chalmers for mentoring Julia in this role. The parish should be confident that they are well represented by all Council members who come prepared for meetings and conduct themselves in a respectful, thoughtful manner.

Communication between parishioners, priests, and staff is essential for the work of the church to be done well. A Warden attends the monthly staff meetings to keep informed on operational issues and to provide guidance where needed. A Warden participates in each of the committees and groups of the church to facilitate general communication, identify potential timing and resource conflicts between groups, and to recognize where there is synergy in projects being contemplated by more than one group. The specific Warden who joins each group is determined by their interests and /or prior membership and is intended to provide a helpful resource and link to the wider church family.

Wardens take rotating duty for liturgical services to assist new comers and parishioners and to be a reassuring presence on site in the event of any untoward issues. In the past few months, the Wardens have initiated a weekly on-call duty roster to answer questions or concerns that might arise during or after hours. The contact number has been added to the calendars posted throughout the building and on the sheet for the team doing security lock-up. It is hoped that this approach will result in a more consistent follow up when a problem is identified.

There were some significant events in 2016 that required more intensive Warden involvement than expected. A power surge in December 2015 was responsible for damage to the new HVAC units and resulted in many consultations with the city who eventually declined to pay for any of the repairs. A new phone system had to be selected and installed after another power failure took out the old more antiquated system. The insurance company insisted that the “crooked cross” be removed from the roof on the east side of the building. Due to the height of that roof, a time consuming search was needed to find a company that could do this work. Quotes for a new sound system were sought and the system installed in the All Saints Hall, funded through the capital campaign. The church was broken into midsummer and significant time was needed to deal with the insurance company, the cleanup, securing

replacements for damaged equipment and talking with the police. The individual responsible was identified after several months and charged with offences related to this crime. After several frustrating weeks, the email server was replaced in the fall to provide a reliable communication link with our parishioners and the community.

Two goals were not achieved this past year and will be moved onto the 2017 Wardens’ agenda. These include a retreat for members of Parish Council to look at goal setting for the Parish for the coming years and establishing a rental manager position separate from the Parish Administrator role.

We thank all members of the congregation for their hard work in making St. Jude’s such a strong, vibrant community guided by our core values of children and youth, music, fellowship, service, spirituality and worship. We value your suggestions for change, comments and concerns about church business, and feedback about how we enact our role. Thank you to Fr. Bill and Fr. Matt, the staff, and Parish Council for your patience, support and guidance to make our jobs enjoyable and rewarding.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Chalmers, Sheila Dempster, Glenda Hayward, Derek Shadlock