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Wardens Report to Vestry 2019


 Canon 18 lists the many responsibilities of Church Wardens. Thankfully, the faithful and committed leaders of St. Jude’s make it possible for the Wardens to delegate and share many of these responsibilities. Members of Parish Council, staff, committee chair persons, and volunteers work diligently to carry out our shared and diverse ministries. We are blessed and thankful for the thoughtful and effective guidance

of our Rector, Bill Ward, and associate priest Matt Arguin.
The Wardens chair Parish Council and meet prior to each meeting with the priests to discuss any outstanding issues and plan the agendas. Council members and staff submit reports ahead of Council so that meetings are used for discussion, decision making and future planning. Council along with the many groups in the Parish are ever mindful of our fiscal responsibilities, and we are pleased to end 2018 with a modest financial surplus.
Communication between parishioners, priests, and staff is essential for the work of the church to be done well. A warden attends the monthly staff meetings to keep informed on operational issues and to provide guidance where needed. A warden participates in each of the committees and groups of the church to facilitate general communication, identify potential timing and resource conflicts between groups, and to recognize where there is synergy in projects being contemplated by more than one group. The specific warden who joins each group is determined by their interests and /or prior membership and is intended to provide a helpful resource and link to the wider church family.
Parish Council met in June to review and update the initial 5 Year Mission and Ministry Plan that was approved at Vestry 2018. Council focused on the goals related to the 5 Marks of Mission and our finances. The results of that review and planning were reported to the Special Vestry in November, revised further, and will be presented at this Vestry for approval.
Of note this past year, our commitment to being stewards both of creation and our fiscal resources was demonstrated in the installation of energy
efficient LED lighting throughout the church. The Buildings and Grounds committee has added a list of maintenance and repair work to the Plan in
order to best care for our property in the future.
The Regional Ministry with St. Alban’s the Martyr which began in 2017 continued to be a positive relationship through 2018. Joint Christian education and specific liturgical events were well attended and the joint Festival choirs at Easter and Christmas received rave reviews from participants and audiences. While appreciating the culture of each community, parishioners from both congregations consistently report feeling welcome and at home in each other’s space.
St. Jude’s has consistently identified commitment to children and youth as a core value. Over the past several years, there has been a significant decline in the participation of young families in church communities for many reasons. In recognition of this decline, the decision was made to end the position of Sunday School Coordinator at the end of December 2018. We thank Michelle Davis for her enthusiasm and many years of faithful service in caring for our young parishioners as Sunday School Coordinator. We appreciate and value Michelle’s willingness to work with the team to plan a new approach for St. Jude’s to live out this core value.
The Wardens are most appreciative of the work of all parishioners who give of their time and talents to support the many ministries of St. Jude’s. Much of this work is done quietly, without fanfare, and is essential to our strength and growth as a vibrant and caring community.
Thank you.
Respectfully submitted,
Charlotte Bouckley, Jennifer Chalmers, Glenda Hayward, Bryan Smith