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Update for 19th June 2019
Till to my garden back I come,
Where bumble-bees for hours and hours
Sit on their soft, fat, velvet bums,
To wriggle out of hollow flowers.
William Henry Davies (1871–1940)
Our Annual Church Picnic will be held here at the Church next Sunday 23rd June, after one service at 9.30 am.  Hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks will be provided, but we are asked to bring a salad or dessert to round off our picnic.  Weather permitting we can eat outside, and games for all are being organized.
This is the start of the “Summer season”, which means we shall have one service only on Sundays until September.  Services will begin at 9.30 am.
Readings for Sunday, June 23rd  2019 Pentecost 2
First Reading: 1 Kings. 1-15a  Psalms 42 and 45
Second Reading: Galations 3.23-29  Gospel: Luke 8.26-39
Fr. Bill’s sermon for last Sunday can be viewed again on the church website, or you can just click on: https://youtu.be/kHKPv-jfZP8
Please pray this week for:
Terri; Todd; Ray and Mary Anne; Lindsay - Dane and Jack, Nalini, Cyndi and Wally; Mary; Margaret; Pat and Sean; Dorothy -Toby- Lindsay- Teresa and family; Brenda and Paul; Mike; Margery; Norma; Laurel; Ruth; Julia and John; Don; Jean; Ashley; Lorraine; Karla -Rob - Ben and Tom; Patrick, Cecil, Mary, Michael, Susan, Beth, Richard, Maria, Robin, Michael, Lee, Kelly, Bill, Brian, Terry, Jane, Richard M, Richard B, Debbie, Al, David, Elizabeth, George, and those known to each of you alone.
We pray with Thanksgiving for the Marriage of Jim and Phyllis Moir.
Rest in Peace, Linda, and  Cathy Taylor (spouse of Brian).
May the souls of our sisters Linda and Cathy find rest eternal and rise in Glory, and the families and friends find strength and comfort as they mourn.
Pray for our sister parish of St Albans, and Fr. Matt, as they near disestablishment. The last service there is on June 30th, and the Service of Disestablishment is on July 3rd.
We offer prayers for the Bishops nominated for the election of the 14th Primate this July. May Holy Spirit move to select the candidate best able to move the Anglican Church in Canada forward.
If you feel that yourself, or someone you know, would benefit from prayer, please contact the church office (Fr. Bill Ward or Rosalie), at 519-660-8198, OR call Sharon Frank (Prayer and Pastoral Care Team Leader) at 519-933-3164.
Cycle of Prayer for June:
Treasure Safeguard and Renew the Earth.
As Christians we are called to “safeguard the integrity of creation”. Our world is a gift from God. We bear the responsibility for caring for the world and the earths resources.
Lord, you came into our lives to redeem all that is good, guide us in our turn to renew and sustain the life of your creation. Let your glory fill this place.
Let your glory fill this world!
We honour ministries in support of SAFEGUARDING AND RENEWING THE EARTH: the Fifth Mark of Mission. Including Stewardship, Environmental Team, Buildings and Grounds, Lock up Security Group, Grubby days.
Finance and Audit groups, Committee of Stewards, Treasurer, FundScrip, Garage Sales.
Ministry of the Month for June
Crisis Stabilization Space provides a safe, therapeutic residential home environment for individuals experiencing a crisis.  The home is located in South London and is a co-ed shared living space. Individuals who stay at Crisis Stabilization Space are assessed every 12 hours and can stay up to 72 hours.
Crisis Stabilization Space is staffed by two mental health workers 24/7, who support individuals in our community in addressing situational crises, mental health and/or addiction needs. Staff build therapeutic rapport, explore and find opportunities for change, facilitate positive action and engage with support networks (formal and informal). Their service is person-driven and person centered.
From March 1st, 2018 to April 1st, 2019, we have served 453 individuals for a total length of stay in hours of 13, 3357.9.
Items that would support our work include:
Single bed sheet sets,  Towels/ face cloths,  Adult colouring books,  Coloured pencils,  Individual toiletries,  Wool,  Knitting/crochet needles,  Crossword/ puzzle books.
Coffee Hour Hosts are needed for the summer Sundays, July and August.  Please sign up on the form in the Narthex.  They start 7th July.
Rhubarb The ACW pie makers are still in need of rhubarb, so if you can spare some from your patch, they will be very grateful.  Maybe pick some up if you see it in a store or market??
St. John the Evangelist Hospitality Dinner Programme.  Please join the St. Jude’s team to serve dinner at St. John’s on Saturday June 29th  from 3:30 – 7.00 pm.  Our tradition at this dinner is to serve strawberry shortcake for dessert, and financial donations toward the fresh strawberries are much appreciated. We’ll prep the strawberries at St. Jude’s on June 28th  at 1 pm. Contact Glenda Hayward with questions or to volunteer. Thank you!
Soccer!!  After missing the first couple of weeks due to soaked fields from all the Spring rain, the KICKS soccer league has been going strong with the kids having a splendid time. Thanks to the folks who donated shoes or provided cash donations for shoes. Thanks also to those who have provided snacks for the young players at each of the games.
The league wraps up with a tournament on Saturday, June 22nd  followed by awards and a barbecue. It starts at 9:00 am and wraps up around 1.00 pm.  There will be four snack breaks (each requiring snacks for about 60 kids).  Dennis and Joanne have some folks to assist them, but could use some more; their contact is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Pride Parade
St Jude’s is registered to walk in the Pride Parade again this year.  Last year we had over 40 folks from St. Jude’s and St. Alban’s, along with friends and family, walking behind our brand new banner in solidarity with thousands of other Londoners.  It was, as always, a very moving and enjoyable experience.  Please save the date - SUNDAY, JULY 28th.
Contact Joanne and Dennis Johns This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for further details.
Warden’s Wands.  You may have noticed that at the aisle end of the back pews are two narrow staffs, each capped with a metal piece.  These are called Warden’s “Wands” and are traditionally carried by the Wardens at special official events, but they have in interesting history, as Mr. Google tells me:
“Wardens’ Staves, also known as Wardens’ Wands or Prodders, heark back to the earliest days of the Church of England when the role of the Warden went beyond the keeping of the parish books and overseeing all things operational.
These liturgical items reflect a time when a sceptre or staff was carried to demonstrate a person’s importance and reinforce standing. But the staff also had practical purposes, including the Wardens’ now “near-obsolete” duty of keeping the peace and commanding good behaviour and decorum in the church and churchyard.  Early duties of a Church Warden involved putting a stop to rowdiness and in some cases, fining and apprehending churchgoers who were being boisterous, riotous, or indecent. On the other extreme, the Warden’s staff was also used to lightly tap parishioners to wake them during services. Though still used ceremonially in a few Anglican churches or carried by the Wardens during processions at Easter or Christmas, the staffs are rarely removed from their places anymore, although the Wardens may carry them when a new Warden is elected or appointed.”
The staff on the left (as you enter the church) is capped with a crown; this is the People’s Warden’s staff, since the crown represents the state.  The staff on the right is capped with a Mitre; this is the Rector’s Warden’s staff, since a mitre represents the Church, via the bishop. In the past, here at St. Jude’s, the Wardens carried the staffs as they escorted the bishop, here on an official visit.