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The Chancel Guild membership remained constant over the past year and each team of members prepared for all services. In addition to our weekly Sunday services Chancel members prepared the sanctuary for Holy week, Advent and Christmas, Lunch Bunch, Diocesan Meetings, baptisms, weddings and funerals. It is always exciting to set up for our festival seasons and we appreciate the assistance received by friends and family climbing ladders and moving furniture and rugs.
We met five times this year to review upcoming chancel liturgies, discuss changes in service set up and procedure and set schedules. Elections were held at our January meeting. In June we celebrated the year over a special dinner which included several former Chancel Members. During 2018 we shared services with St. Albans on several occasions.
As the need arises the Chancel Guild purchases various items to enhance our services and replace worn linens. This year a new Wedding table and bench were given by the Chancel Guild in Memory of David Goodbrand, the husband of Susan Goodbrand a long time president and Chancel member. These have been used on many occasions and have been a welcome addition to the furniture in the sanctuary.
One of the altar linens was remodeled and the extra fabric was used to make purificators and baptismal towelswhich were suitably embroidered by members. A new cushion was made by a Chancel member for the newly refinished Bishop’s chair that was used for the Bishop’s recent visit.
I would like to thank the members of the parish who support the Chancel Guild in our appeals for funds to decorate the church at Christmas, Easter, as well as for weekly flower and candle dedications. The sale of the Church Calendars also helps support the Chancel Guild. The number of calendars sold diminishes annually with many parishioners switching to digital calendars. Flower donations are $45 per and candles are $20 for two weeks. Money received is used to cover costs of communion wafers, wine, the flowers and candle supplies as well as any other supply needs such as linens. If you are interested in placing flowers by the altar or dedicating a candle in thanksgiving or as a memorial, please sign the list in the narthex and use the designated envelope for money. These envelopes should first be forwarded to Rosalie to ensure dedications are entered in the bulletin. Rosalie will then forward the envelope to the Chancel Guild.
It continues to be both an honour and a pleasure to work with such a wonderful spiritually dedicated group of women on the Chancel Guild. We pray that God will guide us to “perform our work with faithfulness and devotion”, as we serve the parish of St Jude.