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All women of St. Jude's are members of the ACW.

If you come into the church on any day of the week you will likely find one or more ladies busy doing something. They may be in the kitchen catering a luncheon, preparing for a camping trip or card party, making pies or even preparing for a Victorian Tea. Some of us get together every Wednesday all year round for fellowship, lunch and tea. All are welcome to stay part or all day to help make treasures for the annual bazaar. We always are grateful for people who can cut fabric, glue, sew or quilt. No experience is necessary and new ideas are welcome. This group is open to all. We do have a couple non-parishioners who just come out to help and take part.
Check out the glass showcase in the Narthex if you need a gift for a special occasion.
You might find some ladies upstairs preparing the altar for a church service.
On Tuesday and Saturday morning you will find ladies in the Nearly New Shop sorting, pricing and selling donated items volunteering their time to outreach. Other days you might find Anne Patton and myself preparing the bale for shipping to Kenora. This year the ACW shipped 446 kg of clothing and gifts costing $1322.31 for shipping.
Money from the crafts, catering and pie making is given back to the church to cover many unexpected repairs. This year we contributed $1000 towards the cross installation and $2000 towards the downstairs kitchen air conditioner. We will be having conversations in the coming year as to where the excess funds will be best spent.
Please see the financial statement for more details.
We may be busy working but a lot of the time is also spent laughing, having fun and also just being there for each other.
This year we mourn the very sudden passing of Carol Kelly who did so much as ACW president and catering coordinator. We will all think of her when we accidently turn on the water whilethe dishwasher is running.
I thank all the people who contribute their hard work throughout the year. Special thanks goes out to Nancey Orosz for keeping the craft room organized, Fran Webb for coordinating the pie making, Fran and Glenda Hayward for coordinating the catering since Carol’s passing and also the men who come in and set up the tables when needed. I also thank Jo Anne Carpenter who is taking over the position of Treasurer.
We welcome all ladies of the parish who would like to join any of these activities. It would also be nice to see more attendance at the monthly meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month in St. Martha’s room at noon. Bring your lunch, join in the fun and fellowship and be a part of all we do.
Respectfully submitted
Cherie Laughlin, President