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All women of St. Jude's are members of the ACW.

This group provides an opportunity for women in the parish to become involved in outreach, catering, fund raising, crafts, etc., while at the same time enjoying fellowship.  The ACW is divided into several groups, each with a different focus; however, the full ACW meets once each month, usually on the third Wednesday, to discuss business, socialize and plan for the future.

The Wednesday Craft Group meets each Wednesday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm from mid-January to November.  Its primary task is to make craft items for the parish Christmas Bazaar which is held each November.  There is usually a quilt in a frame to be stitched, and various other crafts in progress.  New workers are always welcome - bring a bag lunch and share you talents and ideas.  Commissions for quilts are welcomed - please contact the ACW president for more information, prices, etc.


Did you know that every female member of the church is automatically a member of the ACW. Why not
consider becoming an active member of this hard working group if you can. We welcome new people
with new ideas!!
If you have ever wondered what we do with our money from craft, pie and jam sales excluding what is
donated for the Bazaar, here is what was spent in 2013. Please note we have set aside $6500.00 to have
on hand when the dishwasher in the main kitchen finally gives up the ghost.
Things we paid for this year:
Cleaning of the blinds and fans in the basement 209.05
Forest City Drainage and Sewer Services 169.50
Shipping for Bales to the North 1,087.42
The ladies of the Wednesday Group worked all year to supply numerous crafts, toys, crib quilts, throws,
knitting and the Queensize quilt that we sold tickets on for the Bazaar. The Crafts brought in $1,233.05,
knitting brought in $322.00, and the Quilt brought in $892.00. Sales after the Bazaar are not reflected in
these totals.
If you know anyone that is crafty, sews, or quilts or just wants to come out for some fellowship
please invite them to attend our Wednesday Group. This group includes St. Jude parishioners as
well as ladies from the community. Don’t be shy, COME and JOIN US!!!!!!
Did you know we have been supplying lap robes for the Dialysis Unit at University Hospital? We
can provide wool for knitting or crocheting if you would like to be a part of this worthy Outreach
Again this year, a number of people donated fruit, sugar, pectin and jars and we were able to make a
number of different jams for the Bazaar. This year we enjoyed bumper crops and we benefited from a
number of donations of pears, grapes and plums as well as green tomatoes for mincemeat. Many thanks
for your generosity.
Please note, the church office will credit you for any donations of fruit etc over $10.00 on your tax
receipt. This is a win/win for the church and yourself if you wish to participate in this in 2014.
Every year I say this, but many thanks go to the following people:
1. Ila Paton and Cherie Laughlin for keeping the Wednesday Group on the straight and narrow and
Cherie Laughlin for working with Ila to keep the cupboards in order and for keeping an updated
inventory (no easy task).
2. Cherie also has the daunting task of keeping our Finances in order.
3. Marjorie Leitch and Fran Webb once again made up pastry, so that we could make delicious fruit
and meat pies for sale after church or to donate to the Bazaar. Many hands are always needed to
make the pies and we appreciate all the help we get.
4. June Rice continues to head up our catering commitments. As well, we must thank all the ladies
who, donate squares/cookies etc. and to those that come out and help in the kitchen and help
serve for these events.
5. Last but not least, thanks to Wes Adam and his group of gentlemen who come over and set up
and take down the tables and chairs for each of these events. These events would not be possible
without your help.
On a sad/happy note we said farewell to Ruby Prest as she moved closer to her family. She was a loyal
member of the church and of our Wednesday group and we miss her, but wish her the best in her new
home. We also lost one of our regular quilters from the Wednesday group, Eileen Browning’s health has
changed and she is now in Mount Hope. She was not a member of our church, but came out faithfully on
Wednesdays for 20+ years. We miss her smiling face.
Card parties in the Spring and Fall were enjoyed by many. The Spring party was held during the evening
and was a success. The Fall party was held during the day in hopes of bringing in more seniors who may
not want to drive at night. The deserts at both events are awesome and the cost is reasonable. You should
consider coming out to one or both of these to support the ACW.
If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns about what we do, please contact me. We are looking
forward to a busy 2014!
Respectfully submitted by Carol Kelly