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St. Judes' approach to Christian Education is rich and diverse.  The goal, however, is quite simple - to facilitate spiritual growth and the learning of Christian stories - our faith foundations.  
Our Church school program encompasses Sunday morning classes for pre-school to grade nine children, including a weekly worship time, with special celebrations for Holy Days, etc.  Our families enjoy special pre-seasonal workshop events to further understanding of the symbols and pageantry of our Anglican faith.

Our Church school openings and resource material are based on the seasons.  Much of the material is developed "in-house" so that it is appropriate for where we are now in terms of our concerns and faith development.  An approved curriculum is used for classroom lessons up to Grade 7.

The older youth members have their own special Sunday group, in which topics of current interest are discussed openly and frankly in the light of the Christian life.  This challenging and enthusiastic group, led by experienced parishioners, is of great value to our parish life.