Readings for next Sunday, 23rd February, Transfiguration

First Reading: Exodus 24.12-18; Psalm 2; Second Reading: 2 Peter 1.16-21; Gospel: Matthew 17.1-9

Revisit Fr. Bill’s sermon – Find under Worship on this site

Please pray this week for:

Al and Ann; Rattan; David and Mary; Wes; Susan and Edward; Ray and Mary Anne; Lindsay and Dane plus Jack; Margaret; Pat and Sean; Tobin; Brenda; Laurel and Rob; Ruth; Julia and John; Karla and Rob plus Ben and Tom; Phyllis; Yvonne and Suzette; Chris; Brian, Tom, Stewart, Susan, Richard, Stephanie, Scott and Logan, Ronald, Margaret, Loraine, Gayle, Dorothy, Dick, Paul and Rhonda, Kelly, Alex and Andy, Lee, Bill, Terry, Nancy, Tony, Tim, and those known to you alone.

Pray with thanksgiving for the safe arrival of Baby Bennett.

Rest in Peace Dorothy Brooks (long time Parishioner) and Helen Newcombe (Aunt to Ken). May light perpetual shine on our dearly departed sisters Dorothy, Helen and their souls find rest eternal and rise in Glory.  May family, friends and loved ones find strength and comfort as they mourn.

Pray for Peter and Sandra King and families as they, mourn the loss of Peter’s mother, Helen King.  May Helen’s soul now rest in peace, and families and friends receive comfort as they mourn this loss.

Pray for all lives lost, those infected, those in quarantine, and all others negatively impacted by the Coronavirus, including all those providing care and support.

Events coming up

  • Women’s Coffee Hour! Friday February 21st at 9:30 am. We are starting a monthly women’s get together over coffee, a way to get to know one another better and make new connections! Plan to join us in the LGC Room on the third Friday morning of each month. Hope to see you there.
  • Shrove Tuesday and our annual Pancake Supper, on Tuesday 25th February.  Parish Council members traditionally host this event, but will welcome any offers of help.  More details will follow, but plan to attend!
  • Ash Wednesday service on 26th February at 7.00 pm, for Imposition of Ashes and Holy Eucharist
  • Nearly New shop is open Saturday, 9.00 am to 12 Noon.
  • St. Jude’s sewing group, Thursday, 10.00 am to 3.00 pm, in the St. Alban Room.
  • Choir and Festival choir practice, Thursday 7.30 pm.  More voices will be welcomed!

Lent mid-week Eucharist services and studies

Holy Eucharist.  Beginning on Wednesday 4th March there will be a mid-week celebration of Holy Eucharist at 9.30 am through the season of Lent.  In place of a sermon there will be an interactive conversation about the readings for the upcoming Sunday.  You do not need to be participating in the SSJE Lenten Study to attend the mid-week Eucharist, everyone is welcome.

Signs of Life; why the Church matters.

This year’s Lenten Study organised by the brothers of the society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE) will explore the riches of our worship traditions, liturgy and sacraments.  This series will begin on Wednesday 4th March at 10.30 am and end at 12.00 noon at the latest.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in this study series.

Tuesdays through Lent 7.00 – 8.00 pm

Lectio Divina = Listening to God’s heart with your heart

“Lectio Divina” came from two Latin words meaning divine reading or sacred reading of the Bible.  This is a prayer method which was introduced in the third century by Origen, one of the Fathers of the Church. Origen strongly believed that the Word is incarnated in the Holy Scriptures.  Thus, Jesus Christ is the key to pray the Sacred Scriptures.

This involves silence in order to hear and to listen to God’s voice who speaks tin the deepest part of our heart.

This consists of 4 movements

First, lectio means reading. To understand the reading. The question to ask: “What does the text say?”

Second, meditatio – meditation.  To ruminate the chosen word or verse. The question to ask: “What does the text say to me?”

Third, oratio – prayer. God spoke to my heart through the word or verse. The question to ask: “What do I say to God in response to his word?”

Fourth, contemplatio – contemplation. I allow God to transform my heart. The question to ask: “What is God saying to me?”

Suggested Theme for Lent: Love Your Neighbour (Galatians5:14) This will be unfold through praying the gospel of Matthew.

Things to Note

Chocolate and Vanilla Girl Guide Cookies will be arriving at St. Jude’s in March.  The St. Jude’s Brownies rely on the profit from cookie sales to be able to order their badges and also pay for supplies.  Please place your order on the sign-up sheet in the Narthex.  Cost: $5.00 per box. Payment is due upon delivery of cookies.  Your order will be greatly appreciated

Stuff from other churches

  • Lenten Bible Study.  There will be a Deanery Lenten Bible Study led by Bishop Terry Dance, starting Thursday March 5th  and continuing for five weeks, at St. George’s Anglican Church, Wharncliffe Road at Oxford Street. Start time is 6:45 pm.
  • Doctrine of Discovery, a movie and discussion about the early European explorers to North America, and their impact on the indigenous peoples.  At St. Anne’s Church, 1344 Commissioners Road West in Byron. On 29th February, 10.00 am to 12.00 noon.  See the poster in the Narthex for more.