Welcome back to St. Jude’s for this week’s Morning Prayer service! We give thanks and praise for God and the glory of this world. We pray for those in our community, in our nation and in our world. And we hope that all will continue to care for one another by acting responsibly during the Covid 19 pandemic. Please check out our events calendar for activities that give us a chance to be together. Watch for information as we continue to plan for in person service in mid September. Don’t worry if you have concerns re coming back yet – there will be services provided on line. This week, Fr Phil Uptgrove continues with Joseph’s story, the opposite dimensions of evil and reconciliation and forgiveness. While recognizing free will, we are encouraged to understand our past and perhaps where we are headed by looking for “God’s fingerprints” in our lives. Thank you to Fr Phil, Fr Bill, Bryan and Christina for their contributions this week. Service