A beautiful fall day to join us in worship. Fr Bill reminds us that each day we have the choice – “God’s kingdom – Caesar’s kingdom”. Hope, love, justice, serving, caring – the way of Jesus. Caesar’s world – power, greed, anger, fear, and resentment. And when we find ourselves in the wrong kingdom, through choice or without paying attention, we are always welcome back in God’s kingdom – no judgement – rather – love and acceptance. Thank you to all who helped bring the services safely to those in our Sanctuary – Andy, Andrea and Scott, Bryan, Sharon, Christina, Shanto, Glenda, and as always, our spiritual leader, Fr Bill Ward. Thanks to parishioners and visitors for joining us in the Sanctuary at the 8:30 said Holy Eucharist service and at the 10:30 service Holy Eucharist with music. And we are thankful for those of you at home staying connected through technology. Let’s all go forth in love to serve our Lord – God’s Peace.