Christ is Risen!! He is Risen indeed. Alleluia!!

Readings for Sunday 16th May, Easter 7 First reading : Acts 1.15-17, 21-26 Psalm 1 Second reading : 1 John 5.9-13.Gospel : John 17.6-19

The service of Morning Prayer this Sunday, 16th May , will be streamed from the cathedral, since it is the opening service of Synod.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for: Bob and Marie plus Cindy; Pat; Cyndi; Anne; Joyce; Paul and Judy, Jan and Bob; Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn; Victoria; Karen; Debby; Margaret and Anita; Nelson; Ray; Karen; Lauren and Nancy; Darlene and Jane; Ruth; Nancy June, Susan; Stephanie and Ron, Scott and Logan, Beth, Mary Anne, Izzy; Jen; Alison, Jamie and Cathie; Fred and Marlene; Davina and Sangeeta, Brian, Sandra; Shae and Dan; Fay and Willy; Mary; Liz and Charlotte, Clarion and Brenda and Lester; Gord; Meredith; Precious; Mary; Ellena and Rev’d Kim; Elsa; Betty; Laura; Baby Gus plus Amy and Samar; Vanessa; Jack, Julie, Janie, Viora and John. AND for those who are in need of prayer but have no one today to remember them by name; and those known to each of you alone.

Pray with thanksgiving . May 23rd marks a special anniversary for Brian McKay, it will be 50 years since his ordination into the priesthood. We give thanks for the calling of Brian to this ministry and for all that the Church, the people of God, have received through his dedication and commitment. Blessings and congratulations.

Pray with appreciation for the ministry of Bishop Todd and our priest Bill as they take active leadership and pastoral roles to offer ongoing spiritual support and direction to their flocks.

Pray for resolve, compassion and patience as we struggle through the third wave of this pandemic and stay at home order, restrictions. May people be so moved to look beyond their personal wants and consider the needs of their neighbours and community.

Pray for all the overwhelmed health care providers who are exhausted as their daily lives are a blur of crisis upon crisis. May people be committed to practice good public health guidelines, directives, and immunization, so that there will be less stress on the whole health care system.

Pray for the global communities whose health care is in collapse as numbers of infected Covid people grow while, supplies and facilities are low, overrun, or non-existent. Especially in India, the countries around India and third world regions. May the global citizens pull together to share resources and save lives.

Pray for all those connected to and involved with the 2021 Synod of the Diocese of Huron , conducted via Zoom, services and meetings on May 16th and 17th. Almighty and everlasting God, source of all wisdom and understanding, be present with those who take counsel in Huron (especially St Jude Reps Bill, Cyndi, and Sharon) for the renewal and mission of your Church. Teach us in all things to seek first your honour and glory. Guide us to perceive what is right, and grant us both the courage to pursue it and the grace to accomplish it; through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN

Devotional booklets: “Forward Day by Day” Regular and Large print for May- June- July. “Our Daily Bread” large print for April- May – June, and regular size print June- July- August. Contact Sharon Frank to receive your copy.

Lectio365 is a free daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day. This resource is highly recommended by Mary O’Connor and Sharon Frank, who invite St. Jude’s members to find it online and sign up – it’s free and is constantly revised for more meaningful content. Just click here Lectio365 or type Lectio 365 in the search line of your browser.


Community Breakfast Program Can’t leave home because of the pandemic? Here’s an opportunity to provide breakfast for a guest at our community breakfast without having to make a reservation, cook Eggs Benedict, or get out of your pjs. Parishioners and friends are invited to donate $5 to provide 1 guest with a take away breakfast-in-a-bag, and for just $10, you can provide 2 breakfasts and an even 4 for $20. Last year at this time we served 39 guests, our last breakfast – 72 people , including infants and seniors. Guests often express their thanks for what we are able to provide with your continued support. Donations can be dropped off in the Church mailbox, added to your regular offerings or brought to the kitchen on the Friday afternoon before the breakfast. We can pick up donations at your home in the effort to keep folks safe. Thank you for helping to give our guests a nutritious breakfast and showing St. Jude’s to be a Vibrant Community in Faithful and Loving Service. Questions or suggestions about the program: Contact Glenda Hayward at 519-951-8154 or [email protected], or any member of the breakfast team. The next take out breakfast is this Saturday, 15th May.

Ministry of the Month In May we usually support St. Paul’s Food Bank program and the KICKS Soccer program, but we have not heard whether soccer will go ahead this year. We’ll let you know if it does, with whatever needs we can satisfy. Also, in May we are unable to collect food, so please feel free to donate to: St. Paul’s Social Services Attn: Food Bank 472 Richmond Street London, ON N6A 3E6

The committee would sincerely like to thank everyone at St. Jude’s for their support of our Outreach work. Should there be a specific charity or organization you wish to suggest we support, please let us know at [email protected]

St. Jude’s Newsletter Cathy/Cate Ferguson is thinking of putting items about St. Jude’s history from time to time in her “Family” newsletter. We have lots of suitable information available about St. Jude’s, but she would also like to have information about St. Alban’s , and of that history we have none. So, is there any person formerly a St. Alban’s member, or members, who could supply historical items about that parish? If so, please contact her at [email protected].

Stewards of Creation

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Let’s Celebrate!

Happy birthday this week to Marie Sexsmith (8th May), Mary Aboud (14th ) and Diane Beedle (15th ). Hope you all have/had a happy day, and stay safe!!

Happy Anniversary to these loving couples who are celebrating: Diane and Jonathan Townsend (10th May), Pat and Sean Lynch (12th ) and Jacqui and Cam Dockstader (15th ).

God’s Peace to all and stay safe in the week ahead.