Readings for Sunday 30th May, Trinity Sunday First reading : Isaiah 6.1-8. Psalm 29 Second reading : Romans 8.12-17. Gospel : John 3.1-17

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for: Bob and Marie plus Cindy; Pat; Cyndi; Anne; Joyce; Paul and Judy, Jan and Bob; Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn; Victoria; Karen; Debby; Margaret and Anita; Nelson; Ray; Karen; Lauren and Nancy; Darlene and Jane; Ruth; Nancy June, Stephanie and Ron, Scott and Logan, Beth, Mary Anne, Izzy; Jen; Alison, Jamie and Cathie; Fred and Marlene; Davina and Sangeeta; Brian, Sandra; Mary; Liz and Charlotte, Clarion and Brenda and Lester; Gord; Meredith; Precious; Mary; Elsa; Betty; Laura; Vanessa; Viora; Rebecca; Jack, Julie, Janie, Cindy, Gord, Brian and John. AND for those who are in need of prayer but have no one today to remember them by name; and those known to each of you alone.

Rest in Peace Helen Redman. May the soul of Helen find rest eternal and rise in glory, and spouse Jim, find courage and comfort as he copes with he sudden death of his life long partner and love.

Pray with cautious optimism as Covid numbers locally and provincially slowly decline. May we remain vigilant and continue to follow public health directives and encourage vaccinations, always remembering that this virus is unpredictable.

Pray for: all who are not seeing any Covid progress, may they have the strength and supports to stay the course, and may better positioned nations and people offer needed resource so all may overcome this common foe. Front line care providers and essential workers who put the needs of others ahead of their own. May they know their work and sacrifices are appreciated as are they.

Pray for: all those whose lives are impacted by severe weather and natural disasters, especially the volcano eruption in Congo, only increasing their burden for survival. May they find resilience to thrive, and the world work as one caring entity to address climate change to preserve the health and well being of our globe.

Pray for: the victims of the Middle East conflict as they struggle to rebuild their lives, may leaders work diligently without prejudice to find a peace that lasts and respects human dignity.

Pray with thanksgiving for all those who offer themselves and their gifts in various ministries that support the life and services at St Jude’s. While things may look different there is a lot of “invisible activity” that furthers the good news and follows the way of Jesus.

Pray for the Breakfast program guests; may each know that they are loved and valued, just as they are, as children of God. Prepare the family of St Jude, O God, to welcome all guests that You are inviting to be embraced, served and loved by Your Church. Help us to appreciate the gifts of diversity that each guest will bless us with. May we place the needs of others before our own in order to foster new relationships in You.


The committee would sincerely like to thank everyone at St. Jude’s for their support of our Outreach work. Should there be a specific charity or organization you wish to suggest we support, please let us know at [email protected]

“Thank you” cards Essential workers “Thank-you” cards are still available. Contact the church office at 519-660-6198, or [email protected] if you would like some.

Ministry for the Month In May we usually support St. Paul’s Food Bank program and the KICKS Soccer program, but we have not heard whether soccer will go ahead this year. We’ll let you know if it does, with whatever needs we can satisfy. Since we are unable to collect food, please feel free to donate to: St. Paul’s Social Services Attn: Food Bank 472 Richmond Street London, ON N6A 3E6

Community Breakfast Program Thank you for the generous donations towards our “Take a Guest to breakfast” initiative over the past few weeks. We continue to see a rise in the numbers, 73 last time, so every donation is very much appreciated. Items that are needed at this time include: dental floss, toothbrushes and paste; razors for both genders; shampoo; conditioner; skin sensitive soaps; men’s shorts size 34, 36 (all sizes but those were particularly asked for); women’s medium stretch capris length tights (athletic style), men’s size 10, 11, 12 running shoes. The next take out breakfast is this Saturday, 29th May.

Let’s Celebrate!

Happy Birthday this week to Mary Lou Smithers 23rd May), Darryl Ulrich (25th ) and Victoria Siu (29th ). Hope you all have/had a happy day, and are staying safe!!

We’re all tired of this lockdown, but be patient and hang in, things do seem to be turning around. And, get the vaccine!!