Readings for Sunday 19th September, Pentecost 17 First reading : Proverbs 31.10-31 Psalm 1 Second reading: James 3.13 – 4.3, 7-8a Gospel: Mark 9.30-37

This Sunday, 19th September, we continue with two in-person services, at 8.30 and 10.00 am. Numbers must still be limited, however, and pre-registration is preferred.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for: Diane and Jack, Barb; Debbie; Margaret, Pat; Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn; Victoria; Karen; Nelson; Ray; Ruth; Nancy June; Stephanie and Ron; Scot and Logan; Beth; Izzy; Jen; Alison; Jamie and Cathy; Fred and Marlene; Davina and Sangeeta; Brian; Sandra; Liz and Charlotte Clarion and Brenda and Lester; Meredith; Precious; Betty; Laura; Vanessa; Viora; Bob; Maiyada; Stephanie; George; Alex; Paul; Jim and family, Nirupa and Jim; Simon; Sean, Jack, Julie, Ruth, Ray, Gary, Gus and John. And for others known to each of you alone and also those who have no one to remember them by name.

Rest in Peace: Julia Ferguson, (single mom, murdered at work). May the soul of Julia find rest eternal and rise in glory. Pray for her family (especially her hurting 15 year old son) and friends that they find strength and in time comfort as they grieve and come to terms with with their loss. And Archdeacon Chovaz. Please keep in your prayers the family and friends of the Venerable Albert Mickey Chovaz. May Mickey rest in peace and rise in glory.

We pray for: Bishop Todd and our priest Bill as they begin the work for the 2021-2022 year. May they have the support of their community and follow the direction of Holy Spirit as they strive to balance what was and what is and what will be during a time of uncertainty and COVID fatigue.

We pray for: The women away on the St Jude’s ladies canoe trip (September 12th -18th ). May they be safe and well, during the travel and the time on the island, and have an opportunity to connect with the creator in nature.

We pray for: That common sense and Canadian decency will prevail in this Federal election time. Protests are ok , but use of bad language, violent actions and disrespectful behaviour towards people of different political ideals is not. May people of strong opinions come to see that harassing the brave health care staff who are exhausted and offer care to all is not showing love to neighbour. That all persons will do their best to exercise their right to vote for the candidate that most closely reflects their ideals. Even though not perfect. May all persons who have let their names stand for office respect the dignity of all Canadians, listening to issues, and then follow through with the issues at hand.

We pray for: lives impacted by the global pandemic locally and around the world. We hold before you those who have died, those that mourn, those who have the virus, those who suffer viral long lasting effects, those whose way of life and livelihoods are unknown or in tatters, and those who are lonely and fearful. We also ask your support for the brave people, first responders and essential workers, the scientists and all who are offering services, care and support to fight and or manage the pandemic. May they all know they are appreciated and loved.

We pray for: Our world during the season within a season, the Season of Creation, September 1 st to October 4 th . May all come to see and appreciate this year’s ecumenical theme: Home for All? Renewing the oikos of God. Oikos, “the beloved community,” where all of life is put together and in which all of life are equally members, though each has a different role. Further, respect and care of all life human, animal, plants must be the focus in the evolving story of creation within our world, we pray.

Cycle of Prayer for September Tell – Evangelism

“To proclaim the good news of the kingdom” is to share the news that Christ God is reconciling the world to himself in words. Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, let your presence fill our hearts and overflow in our actions, that we may proclaim the good news of your kingdom. Let your glory fill this place. Let your glory fill this world! We honour ministries in support of EVANGELISM, the First Mark of Mission: Liturgical Ministries: Priests, Licensed Lay Readers, Intercessors, Readers, Chancel Guild, Funeral Home Staff, On Line Worship Services and all the liturgical technical support people.


Thanks to all who contributed to our successful yard sale this past Saturday. Close to $600 was raised to support the church. A beautiful morning with everyone respecting Covid rules. Thanks to the Fundraising Committee for your hard work in organizing this event.


Interfaith Tree Planting Your Outreach Committee is once again providing financial support for Reforest London’s INTERFAITH TREE PLANTING event. This year’s planting event will be held on Sunday, September 26th , 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the park at 330 Sunningdale Road West (Sunningdale Pond). For information on how to register for the event please call Charlotte Bouckley, Warden, 519-579-8973 or check the posters on the bulletin board at church.

Community Breakfast Program The St. Jude’s Community Breakfast Program is supported solely by cash and baking donations from parishioners and friends. Guests receive a take away breakfast in a bag. There is a hot entrée each time and the offerings in rotation include: a grilled ham and cheese sandwich; a breakfast wrap with eggs, cheese, ham or ground beef; a black beans and rice casserole; and a casserole with eggs, cheese, hash browns, pancake mix, broccoli and peppers. Guests are surveyed on a regular basis to determine what might be added or deleted from the bag and each time, the hard boiled eggs top the list of keepers. Since the program went to a take out model in March of 2020, the team has boiled, peeled and bagged 4,516 eggs or 376 dozen. Of note is that we are now seeing more newcomers to Canada than at earlier breakfasts. The cost of the breakfast to date this year is $ 7,989. Thank you to all for your generous donations and please continue to support the program as we work together to fulfill the 3rd Mark of Mission – To respond to human need through loving service. The next take out breakfast is this Saturday, 18th September.

From the diocese

Holy Land Pilgrimage. Canon Vicars Hodge and Bishop Terry Dance are leading a pilgrimage tour, May 21st – June 1st , 2022. You’re invited to join the group for the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. St. Jerome called the Holy Land “The 5 th Gospel” because those who visit rarely leave the same as they arrive. To walk where Jesus walked and meet the people of the land brings the Bible stories to life. (This tour has been postponed from 2020 and 2021.) All details at

Let’s Celebrate!

Happy birthday this week to M.J. Samela (September 13th , her 65 th !!), and Sidney Siu (Sept. 13th ), Ellie Ward (15th ) and Myfanwy Matthews (16th). Hope you had/have a happy day, and are staying safe!!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Mary and Larry O’Connor, celebrating on the 14th September, Mr. and Mrs. Diwell, on the 15th , Cathy/Cate and Keith Ferguson, also on the 15th , and Cathy and Bryan Smith, on the 16th .

The fourth “wave” continues, as you will know, so we have to all take all the precautions we can. If you haven’t had our vaccine, it’s much easier now, so go get it! And encourage all people you know to make sure they have it too!