A little late this week but here it goes.

Readings for Sunday 24th October, (Pentecost 22) First reading : Job 42.1-6, 10-17. Psalm 34.1-8 Second reading : Hebrews 7.23-28. Gospel : Mark 10.46-52  

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for: Bill; Barb; Diane and Jack; Debbie; Margaret, Pat; Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn; Victoria; Karen; Nelson; Ray; Ruth; Nancy June; Stephanie and Ron; Scot and Logan; Beth; Izzy; Jen; Alison; Jamie and Cathy; Davina and Sangeeta; Brian; Sandra; Liz and Charlotte Clarion and Brenda and Lester; Meredith; Precious; Betty; Laura; Vanessa; Viora; Bob; Maiyada; Stephanie; George; Alex; Paul; Nirupa and Jim; Simon; Sean, Mary, Gus; Pat; Norma, Nasriene, Jim, Jack, Julie, Ruth, Ray, Gary and John. And for others known to each of you alone and also those who have no one to remember them by name.

We ask prayers for: Bishop Todd and our priest Bill, who are feeling stress from the impacts of the pandemic on their lives, and their congregations, May they have Holy Spirit to help them and give them the wisdom and fortitude to continue to offer their lives in service for the glory of God, and may they know that all they do is appreciated.

We ask prayers for: the community of St Jude’s as we work together to discern what out church family is being called to do in order that we may live out the marks of mission as the people of God. Give us strength and wisdom to be all that we can be.

We ask prayers for: all persons suffering from racism, prejudice, hate, abuse, and inter generational trauma especially, indigenous communities, racial and religious minorities, the marginalized, and the vulnerable; may they be supported by people and institutions that advocate for their needs and rights to live and flourish.

We ask prayers for: COVID19 impacted persons, the sick and dying, those with long term and unknown implications, those that mourn , those whose way of livelihood is negatively impacted, May they find comfort, strength and when possible peace as they discern a way forward.

We ask prayers for: all persons who provide essential services, care and support, development of scientific endeavours to further the well being of fellow citizens. May the bounty of this earth, goods and services be shared equitably so all have a share in the gift of life.

We ask prayers for: our island home as climate changes and pollution destroy our multiple and varied global eco systems. Where fauna, flora and humanity become the victims of greed and profit over stewardship. May the wealthy share their wealth so all have long term and equitable ways of life.

Cycle of Prayer for October Teach – Discipling “To teach, baptize, and nurture new believers” and indeed all believers, by fostering Christian development in new participants, long time members and everyone in between. Prayer: Lord, fill us with your welcoming spirit, that we may faithfully teach, baptize, and nurture those who come to believe in you. Let your glory fill this place. Let your glory fill this world! We honour ministries in support of DISCIPLING: the Second Mark of Mission

Bible study. Fr. Bill has started an on-line Bible study, via Zoom, and invites everyone to take part. It continues every Thursday at 7.00 pm. Fr. Bill has sent the link to the parish.

Chancel Guild

Altar flowers. The Chancel Guild invites parishioners to place flowers on the altar once again, and these can be given in remembrance or as celebrations. There are envelopes available on the bulletin board in the Narthex for you; please include your donation and dedication, and then place it on the offering plate.

2022 Church Calendars have arrived and can be purchased from any Chancel Guild member for $10.00, a real bargain price that hasn’t changed in years!! They will be available in the Narthex on Sunday, but please don’t leave money in the box if you can’t see a Guild member, save it until you do.

Parish Visioning Day.

Fr. Bill thanks all who took part in the Visioning Day last Saturday. He has emailed a video and report to the parish, for study and action.

Diocesan Event

Actively Waiting. We are all invited to take part in a diocesan Advent series, beginning on 24th November and continuing on 1st , 8th and 15th December. This is a Zoom meeting, and you must register at the diocese. See the separate email with poster and full details.


Women’s Coffee Hour Come any Wednesday at 10.00 am to the big parking lot, bringing your coffee, your chair, and enjoy the fellowship.

Gardens Have you noticed the terrific seasonal display at the front door and the colourful front flower bed? Thank you to Valsa Thomas and friends for the hard work and creativity to enhance the entrance our church.

Fund Raising

Advance notice, a heads up! We can’t have a Bazaar again this year, for obvious reasons, it would just be too complicated to arrange and control. However, the Fund Raising Committee is planning a deli and crafts sale in late November, in good time for Christmas, so watch this space for more details.

ACW pies Thanks to all for your patronage – the 35 apple pies in our first batch were sold immediately. Good news is that we are making more in a couple of weeks. Get your order in to avoid disappointment by contacting Glenda Hayward at 519-951-8154 or [email protected] Thank you to Marjorie Leitch and Fran Webb for putting together all the delicious pastry we enjoy in our pies!


The October Ministry of the Month is the Christmas bale. For years the ACW has been paying for the shipping costs to send shipments of used clothing to the North, and we are sending things to a store in Kenora called “Twice is Nice”. This store is affiliated with St. Alban the Martyr, the cathedral in Kenora. Early in November we send only new Christmas items to Kenora to distribute to those in need, with guidance from the cathedral and social services. We have set aside a few new adult things that have come in to the Nearly New Shoppe during the year, but in October we would like to focus on teen and children’s things. The woman who organizes this is very appreciative and has suggested the following: All ages : hoodies, pajamas, socks, underwear, toothbrushes and tooth paste, hats, mitts and scarves. Children : crayons, coloured pencils, markers, colouring and activity books, comic books, smaller child’s back packs, small stuffed animals, small toys and puzzles, playing cards, hockey pucks and sunglasses. Girls : Hair accessories, jewelry, jewelry kits, and dolls. Boys : Wallets. Donations designated as “Christmas Bale” are also welcome. Cherie Laughlin and Marg Bryant will do the shopping for you. (This is always fun) Please have things to the church by October 31st .

Breakfast Program The Community Breakfast continues to offer a hearty takeaway breakfast in a bag the 1st , 3rd and 5th Saturdays each month. This past rainy Saturday morning, guests were invited in to access the clothing, toiletries, etc. while waiting to pick up their meal. We have seen a decrease in the number of guests over the past few weeks and will do some follow up to see if this is the “new normal” and if so, adjust the program accordingly. As we move into the colder weather, please think about donating boots, warm sweaters and other winter clothing to help those coming to breakfast. Thank you. The next take away “Breakfast in a Bag” is Saturday October 30th .

Let’s Celebrate!

Happy Birthday!! This week to Walter Harris (20th October), and Sandra King (23rd ) . Hope you all had/have a happy day!!

And, congratulations to Cyndi and Wally Lockhart, who celebrated five years of wedded bliss on Friday 22nd October!! (Five years? Already? Wow!)

The fourth “wave” continues, as we all will know, and the diocese has mandated the precautions that each parish must follow regarding proof of vaccination. Fr. Bill has emailed these to the parish.