Readings for Sunday 30th January 2022 , Epiphany 4 First reading: Jeremiah 1.4-10. Psalm 71.1-6 Second reading: 1Corinthians 13.1-13. Gospel: Luke 4.22-40

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for

Anne; Annie; Derek; Pat; Barb; Margaret, Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn; Nelson; Ruth; Norma June; Stephanie and Ron; Beth; Izzy; Brian; Liz and Charlotte; Clarion and Brenda plus Lester; Precious; Laura; Vanessa; Bob; Stephanie; Alex; Nirupa and Jim; Simon; Sean, Mary, Pat; Norma, Jim, Len, Calli and newborn baby boy, Lynda and Kelly.

And for others known to each of you alone and also those who have no one to remember them by name.

Let us Pray for

Bishop Todd and our priest Bill during such uncertainty in “church land.” May Holy Spirit give then them courage, and wisdom to lead the people of God and the knowledge to take care of their own health needs.

Let us Pray for

The brave hospital staff who are facing untold challenges, after “ being in the trenches” two years non stop. There is burnout, moral crisis trauma, PTSD, major retirements, understaffing, exhaustion and on and on. These heroes once were treated with respect but now face a sense of futility, criticism, bullying and many angry and ungrateful people. May these special people know that the majority of citizens do respect and appreciate their sacrifices, and may they also get the care and treatment required to keep them whole, healthy and motivated to do as they are called to do.

Let us Pray for

The marginalized and disadvantaged, especially those sleeping on the streets during dangerously frigid weather, and those in shelters where Covid has entered. May they have the support and connections to lead to a sense of safety and dignity in both the short term and ongoing.

Let us Pray for

The powerful world leaders and negotiators as tension and the posturing, stress, and threats of war continue to bring fear, especially in Ukraine. May there be wisdom at play to reduce the threat and anxiety and diplomacy be seen as a strength and admirable quality towards peace.

Let us Pray for

All who are hungry and forced to make difficult decisions about rent, groceries, utilities, medications, vaccines, etc. May the resources of this world be shared so everyone has enough and all have dignity and social justice.

Cycle of Prayer for January The Fifth Mark of Mission

Treasure, Safeguard and Renew the Earth As Christians we are called to “safeguard the integrity of creation”. Our world is a gift from God. We bear the responsibility for caring for the world and the Earth’s resources.


Lord, you came into our lives to redeem all that is good, guide us in our turn to renew and sustain the the life of your creation. Let your glory fill this place. Let your glory fill this world!

We honour ministries in support of SAFEGUARDING AND RENEWING THE EARTH: the Fifth Mark of Mission, Including Stewardship Environmental Team, Work to reduce single use plastics and major recycling initiatives, Buildings and Grounds, Lock up Security Group, Grubby days Finance and Audit groups, Committee of Stewards, Treasurer, Fundscrip, Garage Sales and Garden Volunteers.


Ministry of the Month for January

Outreach for the month of January is Men’s Month and we shall be supporting the Men’s Mission and the Unity Project.

Men’s Mission : providing emergency shelter for an individual or family, or caring for those with mental health needs, Mission Services of London is there with a message of hope through faith serving those who struggle with poverty and homelessness. They provide food, shelter, clothing, crisis intervention and rehabilitation.

Needs: gloves, toiletries, razors, underwear, wallets

Unity Project : working to stabilize people in their moment of crisis and to engage them in their own process toward stability while utilizing all available community resources. Housing (with supports) is the solution to homelessness and we shall continue to develop our program around this outcome for participants.

Needs: socks, bus tickets, T-shirts, small backpacks, razors, underwear, coffee mugs.

The Committee would sincerely like to thank everyone for their generous support. This parish of St. Jude is a very caring community.

Breakfast Program

Expecting another cold and frosty Saturday this week ,so we shall invite breakfast guests inside to pick up their take away meal, hot beverage and any clothing, toiletries, etc., that they may require. On the menu is the egg and beef wraps. Please consider in your prayers our guests and those living in substandard housing in this frigid weather. The next breakfast is this Saturday, January 29th .

Learning Together

Bible study. Fr. Bill’s on-line Bible study has resumed on Thursdays at 7.00 pm, via Zoom, and the link has been sent to the parish. All are welcome and encouraged to join.


Women’s Coffee Hour

In view of COVID19 and the infectious Omicron variant we are cancelling the Women’s Coffee Group for the foreseeable future. Once it is safe to gather we will issue an general invitation. Be well and be safe.  


St. Jude’s Cookbook

Cookbooks are available, and at $15.00 each, they are a real bargain! Since the office is temporarily closed, you may purchase them by contacting Janette Newcombe (519-660-1486 or [email protected] ) .

Let’s Celebrate 

And now, some good news!

Bob Sexsmith , who many of you, especially former St. Alban’s members, know well, was honored in Mayor Ed Holder’s 2022 honors list for his many years of work advocating for affordable housing for London’s less advantaged citizens. Congratulations, Bob, we are proud to have you as one of our members.

Happy Birthday! This week to Vikki Norris (23rd January) and John Maddox (27th ). Hope you both had a happy day!!  

And, congratulations to Marie and Bob Sexsmith, who celebrated their anniversary on 25th January!


Live streaming – your questions answered here

There have been some questions about accessing the Sunday services from home, and we hope this information will help.

What is live streaming? The service is recorded and posted on YouTube while it is actually taking place in the Sanctuary. When you click on the link, it will be as if you are in church.

What if I click on the link after the 9:30am start time? This is not a problem. It will be like coming into the church partway through the service – except no one can see you. You will not be able to see what you missed until the service is over and you watch the recorded version.

What if I want to view the service later?

Once the service is ended, a recording of it is saved on YouTube and can be viewed at any time using the same link that connects to the live service.

Can I access the service elsewhere? Yes. The service link is posted on Facebook and on the St. Jude’s website at These options are good for both the live and archived services.