Readings for Sunday 30th October Pentecost 21, the Feast of St. Simon and St. Jude.
First reading: Deuteronomy 32.1-4
Psalm 119.89-96
Second reading: Ephesians 2.13-22
Gospel: John 15.17-27

Sunday services
The Common Cup is offered at Communion, but reception of this is optional, and receiving just
the Bread still constitutes a full Communion.
The 10.00 am service will be live streamed and recorded for the website, YouTube and
Facebook pages.
Here is the livestream link for Sunday’s 10.00 am service:

From the Wardens
The Wardens strongly encourage the wearing of masks and hand sanitizing at our services and
gatherings, and especially urge that anyone who is not feeling well, has a cough, sore throat,
runny nose, etc., should not attend these events at St. Jude’s. Stay home until your symptoms
have resolved, and take part in the live-streamed service. This will ensure the best protection for
us all.

All Souls Day
We are having the annual All Souls Service on November 2nd, 2022 at 7:30pm. Please send to
the office prior to that date the names of those you wish to be remembered at this service, and
plan to attend as we remember parish members and loved ones we no longer see.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Cycle of Prayer for October
Transformation – Transforming Society:
“To seek to transform unjust structures of society”, to challenge violence of every kind, and to
pursue peace and reconciliation, is a call to go beyond charitable giving and help change a world
that creates human needs. To join in God’s work in building the Kingdom by transforming
Lord, let the fire of your goodness and justice burn into us and through us, that we may seek to
transform the unjust structures of society. Let your glory fill this place,
Let your glory fill this world!

We honour ministries in support of TRANSFORMING SOCIETY: the Fourth Mark of Mission Support for: New Comers To Canada and LIRSA, North East Neighbourhood Group, Marriage
Inclusivity, Pride Walk, Crisis Response, Addiction Groups, PWRDF, London Food Coalition,
IJM (International Justice Mission) Prayer Partner, Food Bank distribution…

Please pray this week for
Please hold the following people and those that they love and trust in prayer:
Raj and Sangeeta; Pat; Sean; Brian; Mary, Barb; Dave and Marylynn; Nelson; Ruth; Precious;
Laura; Stephanie; Alex; Jamie and Cathie; David, Matt, Elizabeth, Diane, Dave and Joanne,
Valerie, Leigh plus Keith and Karleen; Joseph and Erin plus John; Geoff plus Linda and Randy,
Kelly; Baby Caleb; Bogan and Lilly; Lynda, Fran and Joan.
And any others known to each of you alone and for those who have no one to remember them
by name.

We Pray for

The Church and clergy, thinking of Bishop Todd, our priest Bill, as they provide spiritual
support and leadership to the people of God. May Holy Spirit always be felt as the joys and
sorrows of life impact their calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our midst.

We Pray for

Those impacted by weather as the winter is approaching. We pray for those with no homes/
housing, no source of clean water, or heat and as always food insecurity. May the support
needed be found to help vulnerable people during harsh weather conditions, especially the street
people, the civilians in Ukraine where infrastructure is destroyed. We pray that world leaders
and local politicians work to avert crisis and suffering.

We Pray for

All the elected officials, incumbents and newbies, as they come together to provide leadership
within their communities. May they be united in working for all citizens in their communities
and be endowed with the skill of listening, negotiations, and consensus building. May their
communities be better places because of their care.

A Prayer for Leaders
A Blessing for Our Leaders
Eternal God, Fount of wisdom,
we ask you to bless the local leaders we have elected,
grant that through their discussions and decisions
we may solve our problems effectively,
enhance the well-being of our municipalities,
and achieve together a fairer and more united society.
The New Zealand Prayer Book


CHRISTMAS BALE: for years the ACW has been paying for the shipping costs to send
shipments of used clothing to the North. Currently we are sending things to a store in Kenora
called Twice is Nice, which is affiliated with St. Alban the Martyr, the cathedral in Kenora.
Early in November we send only new Christmas items to Kenora to distribute to those in need,
with guidance from the cathedral and social services. We have set aside a few new adult things
that have come in to the Nearly New Shop during the year. In October we would like to focus
on teen and children’s things. The woman who organizes this is very appreciative and has
suggested the following:
All ages: hoodies, pajamas, socks, underwear, toothbrushes and tooth paste, hats, mitts and
Children: crayons, coloured pencils, markers, colouring and activity books, comic books, smaller
child’s back packs, small stuffed animals, small toys and puzzles, playing cards, hockey pucks
and sunglasses.
Girls: Hair accessories, jewelry, jewelry kits, and dolls.
Boys: Wallets.
Cash Donations designated as “Christmas Bale” are also welcome. Cherie Laughlin and Marg
Bryant will do the shopping for you. (This is always fun)
Please have things to the church by October 31st.

St. Paul’s Food Bank
Our next Food Bank Sunday is Sunday, 11th November.

Breakfast Program
With the rise in Covid numbers, we will continue to offer a take away breakfast for those who
visit with us. At our past few meals we have served 74 guests and provided toiletries, clothing
and toilet paper. We also helped a regular guest celebrate his 3rd birthday. It is a real pleasure
to get to know our guests, offer support and enjoy fellowship with them from week to week.
Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for this vital ministry.
Our next breakfasts are October 29th and November 5th, from 9 – 10:30 am. Feel free to drop
by to see the team in operation and share a coffee with our guests.

ACW meets each Wednesday at 10.00 am to help with crafts in the St. Martha room. Everyone
welcome. Bring a bag lunch for the 12.00 noon break.
Pies Thanks to all who purchased the meat, rhubarb and apple pies in the last couple of months.
The bakers will be back at it to make pies to sell at the Christmas Bazaar on November 12th. If
you missed out on the last sales, please try and get to the Bazaar early to purchase the pies of
your choice. Many thanks to the pie makers with a special thank you for the gifts of Marjorie
Leitch and Fran Webb who make all the pastry!

Take out Turkey Dinner
Thank you! To Derek and the Fundraising and Social team for organizing yet another very
successful Turkey dinner last Saturday! The result is some $1.200.00 raised for the church!
Well done, everybody!

It’s Bazaar Time once again!! on Saturday November 12th from 9 am -1 pm. There will be a
quilt draw, bake table, raffle, crafts and so much more. Donations of jewelry, silent auction
items, preserves and baked goods are welcome. Linda Howard is once again coordinating this
important fund raising event.
Check your mailbox for quilt tickets to buy or sell!

Victorian Tea. November 26th, at 1pm. Tickets for the tea are available between services or by
calling the church office. Ticket price is $25.00, $10.00 for children 12 and under.

2023 Anglican Church calendars. These are now available from any Chancel Guild member,
price unchanged at $10.00.

PWRDF The Primate’s Fund is collecting gifts for aid to Ukraine and Pakistan and also now
for aid to those communities badly hit by hurricane Fiona. They also suggest that now is tthe
time to order your PWRDF Christmas cards! Go to [email protected].
The needs for aid continue to be great and urgent.

Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday! This week to Sandra King (23rdOctober), and Andrew Shadlock and Anne
Duffield, on the 28th. Hope you had/have a happy day.