Readings for Sunday 11th December, Advent 3, and the Christmas Cantata at 10.00 am.
First reading: Isaiah 35.1-10
Psalm 46.5-10
Second reading: James 5.7-10
Gospel: Matthew 11.2-11

Sunday services
The Common Cup is offered at Communion, but reception of this is optional, and receiving just
the Bread still constitutes a full Communion.
The 10.00 am cantata will be live streamed and recorded for the website, YouTube and
Facebook pages.
Here is the livestream link for Sunday’s 10.00 am cantata:

From the Wardens
The Wardens remind us that the wearing of masks and hand sanitizing at our services and
gatherings is now required, and especially urge that anyone who is not feeling well, has a
cough, sore throat, runny nose, etc., should not attend these events at St. Jude’s. Stay home
until your symptoms have resolved, and take part in the live-streamed service. This will ensure
the best protection for us all. Between services coffee has been temporarily suspended.

Office hours
Kathy is in the office Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. Please wear a mask if you visit the

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Let us pray for
Debbie; Win, Brian, Raj and Sangeeta; Sharon; Marie; Sharon; Pat; Sean; Mary, Barb; Dave and
Marylynn; Nelson; Ruth; Precious; Stephanie; Alex; Jamie and Cathie; David, Elizabeth, Diane,
Dave and Joanne, Valerie, Leigh plus Keith and Karleen; Joseph and Erin plus John; Geoff plus
Linda and Randy, Kelly; Baby Caleb, Lynda, Diane; Autumn; Karen; Houda and Len, Bob,
Linda, Joanne, John, Helen, Kyle, Sharon, Nancy, Kim and Family, Fiona and Renato.
And any others known to each of you alone and for those who have no one to remember them
by name.

We Pray For

Our Bishop Todd, Priest Bill, and student Hayden as they lead the people of God through
Advent and look towards Hope, peace, love and Joy while reflecting on the signs of our time that
are causing great sorrow to many.

We Pray For

The ongoing Ukrainian invasion by Russia with lives lost, untold suffering and abuse. May
the powers that be find ways to end this illegal invasion and occupation and give both
Ukrainians and Russians an opportunity to rebuild shattered lives and let the healing begin.

We Pray For

Those impacted by weather related issues, natural global climate change events and man
made (like the bombing of infrastructure with winter coming on). May humans learn to use their
intellect for good, protecting this created world and advocating and working together towards
climate justice where all people will have optimal weather patterns, support and eco friendly
infrastructure that they may live and flourish.

We Pray For

Those devoting their lives to protect others from the many viruses impacting the world
globally and within set areas. May the use of best science and public health protocols be seen as
a support and not ignored or distorted so the most vulnerable are protected. As children’s
hospitals become overwhelmed may all do their part to support our children and health care
facilities and staff.

Cycle of Prayer for December
Transformation – Transforming Society:
“To seek to transform unjust structures of society”, to challenge violence of every kind, and to
pursue peace and reconciliation, is a call to go beyond charitable giving and help change a world
that creates human needs. To join in God’s work in building the Kingdom by transforming

Lord, let the fire of your goodness and justice burn into us and through us, that we may seek to
transform the unjust structures of society. Let your glory fill this place,
Let your glory fill this world!

We honour ministries in support of TRANSFORMING SOCIETY: the Fourth Mark of Mission.
Support for: New Comers To Canada and LIRSA, North East Neighbourhood Group, Marriage
inclusivity, Pride walk, Crisis Response, Addiction groups, PWRDF, London Food Coalition,
IJM (International Justice Mission) Prayer Partner, Food Bank distribution -LUSO Community
Services Partner…

Easter Vigil 2023 preparation
For anyone who might be interested in reaffirming their commitment to following in the way of
Jesus in a formal way, there will be a reaffirmation course offered in the New Year. Please read
the information in the attached link, and if this is something you are interested in please let
Fr. Bill know at [email protected] .


For December, we continue to remember St. Paul’s Foodbank, and our Community Breakfast
(see entry below). Also, as we near Christmas, remember our own Christmas Share, and the
Christmas offering which goes to Fr. Bill’s Discretionary Fund, which he uses throughout the
year for those special needs that are presented to him.

St. Paul’s Food Bank
Our next Food Bank Sunday is this Sunday, 11th December. They are requesting : Cereals,
canned meat, Pasta sauce, Granola bars, Pasta noodles & toilet paper.

Breakfast Program
we never know what keeps folks home or gets them out to come for breakfast. Last Saturday,
despite the very rainy and miserable weather, the team gave out 73 take away meals, and as
some folks arrived soaking wet, they were provided dry warm clothes as well.
We continue to shop for the toiletries and other items to top off the Christmas gift bags we will
give out on December 17th . Please consider donating a gift card for Walmart or Giant Tiger that
can be given to families to select gifts for their children. This year we have 16 children ranging
in age from 3 to 16 years. Your cash donations are needed as well – just place in the offertory
plate or give to a Warden. Thank you.
Our next breakfast is Saturday December 17th from 9 to 10:30 am. All are welcome.

PWRDF The Primate’s Fund is collecting gifts for aid to Ukraine and Pakistan and also now
for aid to those communities badly hit by hurricane Fiona. Act really quickly if you want the
PWRDF Christmas cards! Go to [email protected].
The need for aid continues to be great and urgent.

Learning Together

Advent Study Opportunities

1) Unhoused in Advent: Embracing Grace in Response to Homelessness
London’s Anglican churches invite you to join in an online Study and Conversation in
anticipation of Christmas, featuring guest speaker Kevin Nye, writer on theology, homelessness,
culture, & grace.
Indwell will be included throughout the three night event. Indwell is a Christian charity that
creates affordable housing communities that support people seeking health, wellness and
belonging, and we hope to add to our $50,000.00 donation to them from the last two years.
It’s a three night event on December 7th, and 14th, 7:30 – 9.00 pm (join for as many sessions as
you can). Register by email to : [email protected] or phone 519-471-1430.

2) In addition to the above Study, the deanery of London would also like to extend an invitation
to attend an in-person Advent Study. The details are as follows:
Theme is “Visions of Mary”, and it will be presented at St. Aidan’s Anglican Church,
1246 Oxford St. West, on December 13th and 20th, from 2.00 to 3.00 pm. However, a live stream
of the proceedings will also be available. You can register at: [email protected] or call 519-471-1430.

And, 3, a “don’t miss” opportunity, a four week video Bible Study series for the upcoming
season of Advent. Our student Hayden Fischer would like to invite you to participate in this
short four week series. This series is composed and led by Bp. Terry Dance, and as many of you
will know, Bp. Terry has an unparalleled way of making the Gospels come alive. The series can
be watched in person and discussed in the L.G. Cracknell Room after the 10.00 am services.
Here is the the link for the next video, Advent 3:

Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday! This week to Marjorie Leitch and Bryan Smith, both on 9th December. Hope
you both have a happy day!

Christmassy Events locally:

St. George’s Church, 227 Wharncliffe Road North, a service of Nine Lessons and Carols,
Sunday December 18th at 4 pm.

Advance notice for Christmas Worship times
Christmas Eve, Saturday December 24th, at 7:00 p.m. The much loved tradition of the lighting
of candles will be incorporated into this service.
Christmas Day: Sunday, December 25th at 9:30 a.m.
New Years Day: Sunday, January 1st at 9:30 a.m. This will be a service of Morning Prayer.