Readings for New Year’s Day, a service of Morning Prayer at 9.30 am.
First reading: Numbers 6.22-27
Psalm 8 (said)
Second reading: Philippians 2.5-11
Gospel: Luke 2.15-21

Here is the link for Sunday 1st January:

From the Wardens
The Wardens remind us that the wearing of masks and hand sanitizing at our services and
gatherings is now required, and especially urge that anyone who is not feeling well, has a
cough, sore throat, runny nose, etc., should not attend these events at St. Jude’s. Stay home
until your symptoms have resolved, and take part in the live-streamed service. This will ensure
the best protection for us all.

Office hours:
The office is closed from 26th December to 2nd January

Save the Date: Security & Safety Information Evening, January 23rd, 2023 at 7:00 pm.
Offered by the Deanery of London, at St John the Evangelist Church, 280 St James Street, this
will look at how churches can remain safe and secure. It will be led by experts in this area.
More details will be forthcoming.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Let us pray for
Debbie; Win, Raj and Sangeeta; Sharon; Marie; Sharon; Pat; Sean; Mary, Barb; Dave and
Marylynn; Nelson; Ruth; Precious; Stephanie; Alex; Jamie and Cathie; David, Elizabeth, Diane,
Dave and Joanne, Valerie, Leigh plus Keith and Karleen; Joseph and Erin plus John; Geoff plus
Linda and Randy, Kelly; Baby Caleb, Lynda, Diane; Autumn; Karen; Houda and Len,
Dominique, Bob, Linda, Joanne, John, Helen, Kyle, Sharon, Nancy, Kim and Family, Fiona,
Renato, Anita and Isaac.
And for retired Pope Benedict, in severely failing health.
And any others known to each of you alone and for those who have no one to remember them
by name.

Rest in Peace
The Reverend Brian McKay ( Retired priest and St Jude’s Parishioner). May light perpetual
shine on Brian and his soul rise in glory as he finds peace eternal in the loving arms of his
saviour . Pray for the family to find strength, comfort and in time peace as they grieve.
Edward (Ed) Poolton, (father of the Reverend Paul Poolton and father-in-law of the Reverend
Sharla Malliff). May Ed’s soul find rest eternal and rise in glory and family, and friends find
strength and comfort in their time of mourning.

We Pray For

Bishop Todd and our Priest Bill. May they be guided by Holy Spirit in supporting their own
health, and the health and well being of their parishioners, and all to whom they support and
provide service.

We Pray For

All Gods children around the world during this season of Christmas. Those who find this time
a spiritual experience and those who don’t; those who enjoy the time with family, friends and
excitement, and those who are alone, estranged, and isolated; those who are safe and warm and
those who are suffering the impacts of winter storms; those who are well fed and those who
hunger; those who comfortable where they live and those who know the horrors of war, abuse
and racism.

We Pray For

We especially pray for the people of Ukraine as they face winter with barely working or no water
or electricity infrastructure as winter advances, as a result of being targeted as civilian casualties
of war. May these people who have lost so much know they are not alone and find the strength
and resilience to overcome the aggressiveness of an illegal invasion and oppression. May the
world powers do all that is possible and right to end this conflict so people can start to rebuild
their lives.

We Pray For

For all those being impacted by one or more of the trio of Covid- ‘flu and RSV. May
everyone do their part to protect the most vulnerable and follow public health best practices.

Cycle of Prayer for December
Transformation – Transforming Society:
“To seek to transform unjust structures of society”, to challenge violence of every kind, and to
pursue peace and reconciliation, is a call to go beyond charitable giving and help change a world
that creates human needs. To join in God’s work in building the Kingdom by transforming
Lord, let the fire of your goodness and justice burn into us and through us, that we may seek to
transform the unjust structures of society. Let your glory fill this place,
Let your glory fill this world!

We honour ministries in support of TRANSFORMING SOCIETY: the Fourth Mark of Mission.
Support for: New Comers To Canada and LIRSA, North East Neighbourhood Group, Marriage
inclusivity, Pride walk, Crisis Response, Addiction groups, PWRDF, London Food Coalition,
IJM (International Justice Mission) Prayer Partner, Food Bank distribution -LUSO Community
Services Partner.


St. Paul’s Food Bank
Our next Food Bank Sunday is Sunday, 8th January 2023.

Breakfast Program
It’s been a busy month for the St. Jude’s breakfast teams. On December 17th , 92 take away
breakfasts were given out along with gift bags for those who attended that day. This week we’ll
serve breakfast New Years Eve morning and then again the following week as the 7th is the first
Saturday in January. None of this would be possible without the steady support of our St. Jude’s
families and friends. T hank you for responding to our call for help through December – we don’t
yet have the final tally on the donations we received but we know they were significant. Those
interested in contributing time or baked goods to this ministry can contact Glenda at
519-951-8154 or [email protected] . Wishing everyone a safe and healthy new year!
Our next breakfast is New Year’s Eve – December 31st All are welcome!