“Christ is Risen; He is Risen indeed”!

Readings for next Sunday, 26th April, Easter 3

First reading: Acts 2. 14a, 36-41; Psalm 116. 1-4, 12-19; Second reading: 1 Peter 1.17-23; Gospel: Luke 24.13-35

To All Parishioners During this time of giving up public worship we are trying to stay connected by setting up a “Touching Base” phone call system. So expect to get a call from a fellow parishioner. If you have changed your phone number (and/or email), or if you have gone exclusively to cell phone, please let the church office know!  (519-660-6198)

Speaking of keeping in touch, you should have received a message from Fr Bill suggesting that we organize virtual “Coffee for Eight” events. Don’t forget to respond to that; Fr. Bill says you do not have to subscribe to Zoom in order to take part. Instructions will be available as soon as he knows how many people are joining in.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please hold the following and those they love and trust in prayer: Courtney and Dan and kids; Tobin; Norma; Wes and Joyce; Mary Anne and Ray; Margaret; Pat and Sean; Brenda; Laurel and Rob; Ruth; Yvonne and Suzette; Cooper; David, Cindy, Norma June; Nancy June, Barry; Donna, Sarah, Mike and family; Steve; Norma, Susan, Stephanie and Ron, Scot and Logan, Beth, Mary Anne, Cate, Colleen plus Rev’d Kim and Brock, Don and Shirley, Keith and Betty, Sigrid, Sally, Elizabeth, Nelson, Mike, Pepito, Joe, Elaine and Warren, Marg, and Lorraine.

Pray for – those who are in need of prayer but have no one today to remember them by name, and those known to each of you alone.

Rest in Peace – Reverend Dr. Tom Bonnema; Mrs. Dorothy Parker (wife of The Reverend Canon Harvey Parker, retired); Gerry Lynch (father of Sean and Pat Lynch). May the souls of Dorothy, Gerry and Tom find peace eternal and rise in Glory. Pray that family and loved ones will find strength and comfort at this challenging time.

Violence in Nova Scotia – Once again communities in Canada have been struck by inexplicable violence. Once again someone has lashed out at the world around them with arson and murder across a swath of Nova Scotia. The death toll makes it the worst mass murder event in Canadian history. Even as Canadians are coping with the anxiety and fear created by the stealth of COVID-19, we are devastated by these acts of seemingly random violence. Our hearts first go out to the families, friends and colleagues of those who have been killed or injured. We remember all the communities in Nova Scotia touched directly by this event, and also the family of the perpetrator in their pain. As we remember we turn to prayer, for it is at a time of unexplainable tragedy we cry to God and know God cries with us.

Pray for – lives lost, those infected by, those in isolation, those in fear, those exposed to racial prejudice and any others whose lives are impacted by the Coronavirus, and for all who serve, and support the welfare of all COVID -19 victims, especially health care workers, first responders, and workers providing all and any essential services.

Pray for – all those who put their life on the line for the welfare of the community, especially grocery and pharmacy staff, truck drivers, carry out food staff, all “essential” workers, and for those who make calls to stay in touch, those who sew hats and masks and all who work and volunteer to make this community and world a better place.

Pray for – Priests, especially Fr. Bill and Bishop Todd, who are struggling to offer liturgy in this surreal season of Pandemic. We appreciate this is exhausting, a new experience and a steep learning curve for everyone. 

Pray for – our government leaders who are working to manage the pandemic and support the physical and economic health and welfare of citizens.

Cycle of Prayer for AprilService

“To respond to human need by loving service” is a central aspect of Christ’s call. Loving service involves finding real needs and offers service that is truly loving so all are changed by the encounter. Prayer: Lord you came to service and not to be served, fill us with the compassion and insight to respond to human need by loving service. Let your glory fill this place. Let your glory fill this world.


Ministry of the Month – Sock Share Keep on saving those socks!! We’ll find a way to deliver them sometime.

Community Breakfast – The next regular Community take out breakfast is on Saturday 2nd May, 9 – 10.30 am.

Let’s Celebrate!

Happy birthday! This week to: Ray Campbell (20th), Trevor Robak (21st), Diane Townsend, Fr. Matt, Dusan Novak (all on the 24th), and Steve Potter (25th). Hope you all have happy days, even in isolation, and know we are all singing “Happy Birthday” to you!!

Stay home and stay safe, everybody!