Readings for next Sunday, 19th July, Pentecost 7: First reading: Genesis 28.10-19a; Psalm 86.11-17; Second reading: Romans 8.12-25; Gospel: Matthew 13.24-30, 44-52

Up Coming Event

OUTDOOR SERVICE OF EVENING PRAYER – JULY 30TH, 7:00 p.m. – There will be an outdoor service of evening prayer at St. Jude’s on Thursday, July 30th at 7:00 p.m.  This event will be limited to 50 participants and physical distancing measures will be in place.  Registration will be required to attend this event.  Please email [email protected] or call the office at 519-660-6198.  All participants are asked to be mindful of social distancing from the time you arrive until the time you depart for home.  Sanitized chairs will be provided.  Disposable masks will available.  Washrooms will be available.  Food and beverages will not be offered and so you are welcome to bring your own.  When you arrive you are asked to park your vehicle in the area of the parking lot closest to Fanshawe Park Road.  Online Sunday worship will continue to be offered but this event provides the first opportunity for the people of St. Jude’s to begin gathering together in person.  If you are someone who would be considered a vulnerable person in regards to COVID-19 you are encouraged to wait until September to attend public gatherings at St. Jude’s. 

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for:  Wes and Joyce; Jeff; Myfanwy; Marjorie – Phillip and Mo; Jack and Diane; Loren and Grace; Tobin; Mary Anne and Ray; Margaret; Pat and Sean; Brenda; Laurel and Rob; Ruth; Yvonne and Suzette; Norma June; Nancy June; Barry; Donna; Sarah; Mike and family; Susan; Stephanie and Ron, Scott and Logan; Beth; Mary Anne; Cate; Colleen; Don and Shirley; Keith and Betty; Cathy and Susan; Terry and Mike; Brenda and Michelle; Brent; Baby Hugo; Victoria and Debbie; Charles and Paulin; Aldene; Jack and Nancy plus Cindy; Damianus and Rosario; Shirley; Norma; Joe; Elaine and Warren; Marg; Loraine; Jennifer and Joanne. AND for those who are in need of prayer but have no one today to remember them by name; and those known to each of you alone….

Rest in Peace – Ray McLean.  May light perpetual shine on his soul and rise in glory. May Marjorie and all the family and friends find strength as they come to terms with Ray’s tragic passing, and in time, some comfort with their grief. David Winter (from our prayer list – SIL to Norma June). May David’s soul find rest eternal and rise in glory, and wife Cindy, family and friends find comfort as they mourn.

Pray for – common sense and respect for the well fair of all as we move to stage 3 and COVID19 restrictions lessen. Use of Masks, physical distancing, and good hygiene are an important public health core value. Never let us become complacent, thereby putting others and ourselves at risk.

Pray for – all persons whose lives, livelihood, and way of life are in serious jeopardy. Never let us forget that as Canada moves toward good COVID19 management other countries and people are not doing well. 

Pray for – all lives negatively impacted by racism and racial policies that disadvantage some races while advantaging others. All persons are members of the human race and loved by God equally.

Pray for –rain at this time when the crops, gardens, are dry and the trees are distressed. Lord we are in need of rain and we ask that you hear our request.

Pray for – Bishop Todd and Father Bill who continue to offer leadership and spiritual support during this ongoing Pandemic.

Cycle of Prayer for July and August – Living the Marks of Mission WHEN YOU listen with all your heart; honour your elders; encourage young people to be active in church often and loudly; choose good over evil; welcome the stranger; write to the government about the issues that matter; invite a co-worker to church; help your dad do housework; get messy with school kids; say “Thank the Lord” and mean it; tweet your blessings one by one; introduce your grand-kids to nature; read and share God’s word; Pray; THEN YOU ARE LIVING THE MARKS OF MISSION.

“Our Daily Bread” booklet – The current edition, for June -July -August – (small size) devotion booklet of our Daily Bread is available. Also, we still have some copies of the (small and large print) of “Forward Day by Day” for May- June -July 2020. Contact Sharon [email protected] or 519-933-3164 if you would like to receive a copy.


Outreach Committee Update – The Outreach Committee was busy early in the year allocating funds for those in need in our community. While unable to meet in person during the pandemic, the members have continued through email to discuss and vote on ways to support the London Community. Here’s a look at your Outreach funds at work over the past several months:

LUSO Community Services – is a multicultural, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to promoting inclusiveness, well-being and prosperity in the London community. They are a provider of services with a holistic approach to community development and a significant focus on food security.

Community Breakfast Program – This summer, St. Jude’s Outreach provided $500.00 to their Daily Breakfast Program at the Community Portable and the Breakfast/Snack, Bags-to-go program. The next take out breakfast is Saturday, 18th July, 9.00 – 10.30 am.

Atlohsa Family Healing Servicesis a non-profit organization that provides community members with Indigenous-led programming. Services offer holistic healing, education, shelter and support. St. Jude’s donated $1000.00 to help offset cutbacks in provincial funding to this local organization.

Sleeping bag coatsThis past winter, St. Jude’s Outreach spent just over $1000.00 to purchase10 of these unique coats that convert to sleeping bags for sleeping rough. A private sponsor matched our donation for another 10 coats and these were donated to Urban Haven and Sanctuary London for distribution to those in need.

March ministries – The focus of our Ministry of the Month for March was women. Since we weren’t able to collect and distribute the donations brought in early by parishioners, the women’s community house and shelter Anova and My Sister’s Place were each given $500.00 to support their programming.

The primary source of Outreach funds is the Nearly New Shop which has just reopened for Saturday shoppers Saturdays 9 am – 12 noon. COVID precautions in place. Your donations of gently used clothing and other items make it possible for this work to continue! Thank you from Cheryle Anne!

Parish Re-Opening Coordinator

Covid-19 Coordinator – Thank you to Joanne Lubansky Johns for agreeing to coordinate the work required of us all that we may soon be together and worship safely in our new Covid-19 world. Joanne’s public health nursing background will be very helpful as she works with our staff, volunteers and the Wardens to ensure a smooth transition.

Let’s Celebrate!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This week to Thampi Varkey (16th July) and Mae Goodfellow (18th). Hope you both have a happy celebration!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Michelle and Stephan Davis (15th July); and Laura and Doug Fairbairn (18th July- their 50th!!). Happy Anniversary to both happy couples!

This week’s picture is of our new COVID-19 Coordinator, Joanne.

Stay home as much as possible and stay safe, everybody!