Readings for next Sunday, 20th September, Pentecost 16; First reading: Exodus 16.2-15; Psalm 145.1-8; Second reading: Philippians 1.21-30; Gospel: Matthew 20.1-16

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for – Toby- Lindsey- Erin- Theresa and family; Ruth; Nalini; Victoria plus Karen and Debbie; Mary; Nelson; Ray; Margaret; Pat and Sean; Brenda; Laurel and Rob; Ruth; Nancy June; Susan; Stephanie and Ron; Scott and Logan; Beth; Mary Anne; Cate; Don and Shirley; Cathy and Susan; Terry and Mike; Brent; Victoria and Debbie; Charles and Pauline; Aldene; Irene and Yoli; Izzy; Phyllis; Jen; Alison; Donna; Wendy; Jennifer and JoAnne. AND for those who are in need of prayer but have no one today to remember them by name; and those known to each of you alone.

Rest in Peace  Keith Noble. May his soul find peace eternal and rise in Glory; and loving wife and parish member Betty and the family find comfort and strength as they mourn. 

“Our Daily Bread” booklet – The current edition, for September, October and November are available. Contact Sharon [email protected] or 519-933-3164 to receive your copy.

 IN NEED OF PRAYER? KNOW SOMEONE IN NEED OF PRAYER? In the age of pandemic, we can no longer use the prayer request book in the church narthex to request prayer, but that does not mean the request for prayer is gone. There are many and different ways: – You can always contact Sharon Frank (prayer team leader) at 519-933-3164 or [email protected]   – Convey your request via any member of “The Prayer and Pastoral Care Team”, who will pass it on to Sharon.  – A request can be made via the church office Monday to Friday from 9:00am-1:00 pm at 519-660-6198 or [email protected] . – There is a prayer request section on our own St Jude’s web site,   – For crisis, spiritual needs, and associated prayer, contact our priest, Bill Ward at 519-660-6198 or [email protected] .

Cycle of Prayer for September – Tell Evangelism  “To proclaim the good news of the kingdom” is to share the news that Christ God is reconciling the world to himself in words.  Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, let your presence fill our hearts and overflow in our actions, that we may proclaim the good news of your kingdom. Let your glory fill this place. Let your glory fill this world! We honour ministries in support of EVANGELISM the First Mark of Mission. Liturgical Ministries: Priests, Licensed Lay Readers, Servers, Intercessors, Readers, Lay administrators, Chancel Guild, Seminary Student Committee, Prayer and Eucharistic Services in Area Long Term Care Homes, Funeral Home Services, On Line Worship Services. 


Community Breakfast Program – The next take-out breakfast is Saturday, 19thSeptember,9.00 – 10.30 am.


Wednesday Crafters – The St. Jude’s Crafters are back!! Working as usual in the St. Martha room. The rules around physical distancing and masks will be in place. Crafters sew, quilt and do other crafts weekly from 10 am until 3 pm. Bring your lunch and favorite beverage and enjoy fellowship with others. For more information, please contact Nancey Orosz at 519-453-2858. 

Wes Adam Memorial Golf Day – Derek Shadlock is organizing a golf day to honour Wes Adam on Thursday, 24thSeptember at Dorchester on the Thames Golf Course. Dinner & Golf (incl. cart) $40.00. Dinner only is also available. Please contact Derek Shadlock, 519-672-0912 or [email protected] for a place.

Chancel Guild

2021 Church calendars –The Chancel Guild now has a supply of 2021 Anglican Church calendars, and will happily sell them to you at $10.00 each (that price hasn’t changed in years!!). See any Chancel Guild member.


Pig Roast – The Fund Raising Committee are going ahead with the long planned Pig Roast (following up a highly successful St. Alban’s tradition). This year it will to be a takeout event. It’s on Saturday 19th September. Tickets are $20.00 each. Food will be served between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm. We are scheduling the pick-up times in 15 minute intervals – 4:30 – 4:45; 4:45 – 5:00 – and so on until 6:30 (to avoid everyone coming at once). Mark your calendars – no need to cook that night!

Let’s Celebrate!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  This week to Sidney Siu and Mary Jane Samela (13th September); Ellie Ward (15th) and MyFanwy Matthews (18th). Hope you all had/have a happy celebration!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  Mary and Larry O’Connor (14th September); Elaine and Warren Diwell and Cathy and Keith Ferguson (15th); and Cathy and Bryan Smith (16th). Happy anniversary, and we hope you all celebrated well!

This week’s picture is from the first church re-opening Sunday Service

Stay home as much as possible and stay safe, everybody!