Christ is Risen!! He is Risen indeed. Alleluia!!

Readings for Sunday 25th April, Easter 4 First reading: Acts 4.5-12. Psalm 23 Second reading:1 John 3.16-24. Gospel:John 10.11-18

“We are an Easter people and we proclaim a message of resurrection and new life. No matter the circumstances, God will find a way for us to sing our Alleluias.” From Fr Bill Ward as a reminder that we will continue to worship and celebrate this Easter season in the reality of the pandemic, with God’s help.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Lord’s Prayer for Earth Day – April 22nd Abiding Spirit, surrounding us in love, honored be your name. Your Kingdom grows in all Creation. Sacred is the work of the greening and guarding of the earth. Your breath moves about and through us as we walk your ways. Fill us with the bread of your word, forgive the errors of our ways, just as we forgive the errors of those around us. Guard the greening path we walk, and keep those who would do us harm far from our travels. We praise the Kingdom of your Universe, filled with the power of your love in all our yesterdays, todays and tomorrow’s, Now and forever more. Amen

Please pray this week for: Anne; Joyce; Paul and Judy, Jan and Bob; Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn; Pat; Victoria; Karen; Margaret and Anita; Nelson; Ray; Karen; Lauren and Nancy; Darlene and Jane; Ruth; Nancy June, Susan; Stephanie and Ron, Scott and Logan, Beth, Mary Anne, Izzy; Jen; Alison, Jamie and Cathie; Fred and Marlene; Davina and Sangeeta, Brian, Bob; Sandra; Fay and Willy plus Kim and Rick; Mark; Mary; Liz and Charlotte, Jack, Julie, Janie and John. AND for those who are in need of prayer but have no one today to remember them by name; and those known to each of you alone.

Rest it Peace, the Reverend Canon William (Bill) Millman (retired). May light perpetual shine on Bill and his soul find eternal rest and rise in glory, and his wife Delores, family and friends find strength and comfort as they mourn.

Pray for Bishop Todd and our priest Bill as they explore new and different ways to offer support, worship, and learning for the “people of God” during these unprecedented times.

Pray with thanks for the many people making the St Jude’s breakfast program happen (every other week), the planners, shoppers, packers, food preparers, muffin and treat makers, financial donors, “ other stuff” donors, people inter-actors, those offering prayer, and any that support in other ways (physically distanced of course), and for the opportunity to offer the ministry of hospitality and serve those in need. May the 71 people who attended the last event feel welcomed, supported, and know the hospitality of fellowship, love and community.

Pray for the many people feeling lonely and isolated during this stay at home lockdown; may those they know find creative and safe ways to “stay in touch” while they themselves feel empowered to reach out and ask for support.

Pray for all everyday essential workers and people at risk putting their health on the line for others, and going to work when feeling unwell because they need to feed their own families. We ask that wise and just decisions be made to offer support to all those who support others.

Pray for overburdened health care workers and support staff who are feeling the stress of burnout, dealing with an the sheer volume and trauma of Covid infected sick, compromised, and dying people. May they find ways and means to care for their own physical and mental health thus enabling them to care for others.

Pray for all those who have non-Covid health care needs that are being avoided, delayed, sidelined, increased or otherwise impacted due to the health care system trying to deal with an out of control pandemic system. May they find the support, care, treatments, and procedures that they require, in a timely fashion.

Pray with thanksgiving for ongoing vaccine deliveries. May all who are eligible follow through with vaccination plans to protect themselves, those they love, and all their neighbours, Pray that pandemic and vaccine deniers be enlightened by science and consciousness. We ask that vaccines become available to all locally, and all around the globe.

Cycle of Prayer for April – Tend – Service “To respond to human need by loving service” is a central aspect of Christ’s call. Loving service means finding real needs, and offer service that is truly loving, so all are changed by the encounter. Prayer: Lord, you came to serve and not to be served, fill us with the compassion and insight to respond to human need by loving service. Let your glory fill this place. Let your glory fill this world. We honour ministries in support of SERVICE: the Third Mark of Mission-ACW – Crafters, Catering, Pies, Caps for Caregivers, Outreach – Daily Bread, Nearly New Shop, Kick Soccer, Bales to the North, Undies Sunday, Bless their Sox, Hospice comfort, Men’s Mission, Unity Project, My Sister’s Place, anova, CMHA Distress Center, Ministry of the Month, St John’s Hospitality Dinners, Circles Dinners/ Bridges out of Poverty, Community Breakfast – in house and take away, Christmas Share, Christmas family support.


Thank you to all the donors who have responded to our requests for clothing, toiletries and other items (like masks or toilet paper) needed by our guests who come to the Community breakfasts. In some cases we know who the donors are but in many cases the items just magically appear. We are humbled by the generosity of our donors and our guests really appreciate the choices we offer. Because of the extension of the stay at home order at this time, we will not be putting the clothing and toiletries out. However we will be asking our guests what they need and bring the items out to them instead. Warmer weather is fast approaching and shortly we will be changing over our winter clothing to spring and summer clothing. When you are changing over your closets, please keep us in mind. We will be looking for men’s shorts sizes 34 waist and up. Many of our male guests are mature so sizes 38 to 42 would be well received. We are also looking for men’s spring jackets sizes small to large and t-shirts small to 2XL. We have need of running shoes for both men and women of all sizes but men’s 10 to 12 would be particularly welcomed. While the church is closed, items can be dropped off on the Friday afternoon before each breakfast. Again, please accept out heartfelt thanks for your generosity in supporting this worthwhile ministry. Cate Ferguson and Sheila Dempster. The next take out breakfast is Saturday, 1st May

Ministry of the Month Socks and Undies for those in need. Due to the pandemic, please feel free to support the hard working charities that we would normally deliver the socks to financially as we do not wish to have anyone out shopping. These include: My Sister’s Place  566 Dundas St, London, ON N6B 1W8; Youth Opportunities Unlimited –  333 Richmond Street Main Floor, London, ON N6A 3C2; Unity Project  – 717 Dundas St, London, ON N5W 2Z4; Men’s Mission – 459 York St, London, ON N6B 1R3.

“Thank you” cards In recognition of the contribution of essential workers over the pandemic, the Outreach Committee has developed small thank you cards that can be handed to essential workers as you encounter them. Cards can be delivered to your home by contacting the church office at 519-660-6198, or [email protected] .

Let’s Celebrate!

Happy Birthday to Gail Barnett (18th April), Ray Campbell (20th ), Trevor Robak (21st ), Trena Ball (23rd ), Matt Arguin, Dusan Novak, Roger Rawluk and Diane Townsend (24th). Hope you all have/had a happy day, and stay safe!!

Things are stubbornly still threatening, so, even if you have been lucky enough to receive your first vaccine dose, still be cautious, and as directed, stay home!! And, get the vaccine, as soon as you are eligible!!