Dear Friends,
As the Anglican Foundation of Canada’s Huron representative, I am excited about a
new project launched by AFC called Say Yes! to Kids.
The plan is to raise $100,000 across Canada from now until the end of June. In the fall,
AFC will accept applications for grants using the funds raised through Say Yes! to Kids
to support post-pandemic programs for children, youth, and young adults, allocating
funds where they are needed most!
Your can learn more by reading the case for support, which explains the campaign in
detail and outlines AFC’s rich history of support for children, youth and young adults.
If you are interested in learning more about the Anglican Foundation or the Say Yes! to
Kids campaign please see my contact information below. If you would like to support
the Diocese of Huron’s team, please click here to make your gift online.
God bless,
From our Bishop Todd Townshend:
“Say Yes! to Kids is a wonderful and timely initiative that I hope you will join me in
supporting generously. Post-pandemic support for children, youth, and young adults is
an important investment in their lives and in God’s future!”
Diane Dance | AFC Representative, Diocese of Huron
126 Orkney Crescent | London ON | N5X 3R9
Home office: 519-868-8312 | [email protected]