Readings for Sunday 22nd August, Pentecost 13 First reading : 1 Kings 8.22-30, 41-43. Psalm 34.15-22 Second reading : Ephesians 6.10-20 Gospel : John 6.56-69

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for: Margaret, Jacqui and Cam; Pat; Anne; Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn; Victoria; Karen; Nelson; Ray; Ruth; Nancy June; Stephanie and Ron; Scot and Logan; Beth; Izzy; Jen; Alison; Jamie and Cathie; Fred and Marlene; Davina and Sangeeta; Brian ; Sandra; Liz and Charlotte Clarion and Brenda and Lester; Meredith; Precious; Betty; Laura; Vanessa; Viora; Bob; Maiyada; John and Barb; Stephanie; George; Alex; Paul; Francis, Jim and family, Jack, Julie, Ruth, Gary and John. And for others known to each of you alone and also those who have no one to remember them by name.

Prayer for Afghanistan from Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry

Send your Spirit, Lord, to rally the resolve of the nations of the earth to find pathways to save human lives, protect human rights, and to resolve the hardships of those seeking refuge, asylum, and safety. Hear our prayer for the peoples of Afghanistan. This we pray as followers of Jesus, the Prince of Peace . Amen.

Please pray for: the upcoming election, that it reflects the priorities of Canadians to be the focus. That leaders, candidates and potential representatives listen to the concerns and needs of everyday people, for pandemic management and relief, for climate Justice, for an affordable living wage, and adequate appropriate health and social justice issues that supports the dignity of all citizens.

Please pray for: all impacted by the fourth wave of covid, the wave of the unvaccinated. For vulnerable and ineligible persons, those infected, for those providing care and support, for scientists studying the evolving virus and making appropriate evolving directives, that all may come to see that the best way to end this global crisis is through following evolving public health directives and the fair sharing of resources and vaccines to global poor nations.

Please pray for: the people of Haiti as they suffer from another horrendous earthquake, while still recovering from the last one, and in the midst of hurricanes. May those who have been injured, the people sleeping on the streets who fear the unstable buildings, rescue personnel endeavouring to save lives, and those providing battle style health care , all be kept safe and strong and resilient.

Please pray for: all persons impacted by hatred, prejudice and racism, especially our indigenous siblings, black brothers and sisters, our Muslim neighbours, the LBGT2s+ community, refugees. May they come to see and feel like the beloved children of the creator, that they are. We pray also that those who perpetuate the cycle of hate may come to see the strength in diversity.

Please pray for: the health of our global island home as greenhouse gasses from pollution lead to climate change, with unstable and unpredictable weather patterns, forest fires, drought, flooding, high temperatures and humidity, melting polar ice and permafrost, rising and warming ocean levels. May the health of our world be seen as an urgent and ongoing priority over profit margins and convenience, a cost that creation (all living creatures) can no longer accept or afford.

Cycle of Prayer for August Living the Marks of Mission When you listen with all your heart, honour your elders, encourage young people to be active in church often and loudly, choose good over evil , welcome the stranger, write to the government about the issues that matter, invite a co-worker to church, help your dad do housework, get messy with school kids, say “Thank the Lord” and mean it, tweet your blessings one by one, introduce your grandkids to nature, read and share God’s word, Pray -THEN YOU ARE LIVING THE MARKS OF MISSION.

Sunday School stuff!

Calling all kids to join us this summer as we Track Down the One True God! We will have treasure maps to follow, stories and clues to help us, and maybe even a treasure at the end of the summer! Hope to see you all as we begin our Mystery Island Summer Adventure!


A New St. Jude’s Cook Book!! St. Jude’s Fund-raising Committee is compiling a cookbook!! Deadline for submissions is September 12th . We ask that we receive recipes not in our previous cookbooks. We need a name for this cookbook, so send us your idea – you could win the first cookbook!!


The Outreach committee ministry for August is the collection of backpacks and school supplies. The school supplies plus running shoes etc., expected by the schools, can be very financially draining for many families. Any type of markers, pencils or backpack would be greatly appreciated.

From the diocese

Sad news, but a Service of Thanksgiving and Deconsecration of All Saints’, 249 Hamilton Rd, London, will be held Thursday, August 19th at 7pm.

Visit Huron Church Camp!! Day Trips are still available until August 21st , Come for the Day! ($25 per car) Bring a Picnic lunch or dinner (or both!). The site opens at 11:30 am and closes at sunset. Sign in through our website today!

Chicken!! Take out BBQ Chicken Dinner on Tuesday August 31st , St. Peter’s Anglican Church, 4091 Catherine St. Dorchester. Pick up 4:30-6:30pm. Adults $20.00, children 10 and under $12.00. Tickets call 519-282-8057 or online

Let’s Celebrate

Happy birthday this week to Jannette Newcombe and Nalini Massey (August 15th ), Andrea Armstrong and Mike Chalmers (20th ), and Penny Harris (21st) . Hope you had/have a happy day, and are staying safe!!

And, congratulations to Maureen and Nelson Elder (16th August) and Sharyn and Darryl Ulrich (19th ). Hope you can celebrate your anniversary well and safely!

Be patient and hang in, things are a bit concerning at the moment, so this is no time to let your guard down! Keep wearing that darn mask, and hand sanitizing, even if you have had your second shot. If you haven’t, it’s much easier now, so go get it! And encourage all people you know to make sure they have it too!