Readings for Sunday 8th May, 2022 , Easter 4
First reading: Acts 9.36-43
Psalm 23
Second reading: Revelation 7.9-17
Gospel: John 10.22-30
Psalm 23, refrain
O God, you are my shepherd, I shall not be in want.”

Sunday services still require some Covid rules to be obeyed, i.e. masks and hand sanitizing,
but some socializing is OK after the services. Social distancing should be observed wherever
Members not comfortable with these arrangements should attend the 8.30 am service, where full
Covid rules will still apply.
The Common Cup can now be offered at Communion, but reception of this is optional, and
receiving just the Bread still constitutes a full Communion.
The 10.00 am service will be recorded for the website, YouTube and Facebook page.

Once again we experienced technical issues last Sunday and the live stream of the service was
not reliable. Fr. Bill has emailed to the parish a link of the recorded service, and will be
discussing the technical problems with the equipment supplier. In case you do not have it,
here is that link:

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Cycle of Prayer for May

Transformation – Transforming Society:
To seek to transform unjust structures of society”, to challenge violence of every kind, and to
pursue peace and reconciliation, is a call to go beyond charitable giving and help change a world
that creates human needs. To join in God’s work in building the Kingdom by transforming

Lord, let the fire of your goodness and justice burn into us and through us, that we may seek to
transform the unjust structures of society. Let your glory fill this place,
Let your glory fill this world!

We honour ministries in support of TRANSFORMING SOCIETY: the Fourth Mark of Mission Support for: Newcomers to Canada and LIRSA, North East Neighbourhood Group, Marriage
Inclusivity, Pride walk, Crisis Response, Addiction Groups, PWRDF, London Food Coalition,
IJM (International Justice Mission) Prayer Partner & Food Bank Distribution.

Please pray this week for

Glenda; Diane and Jack, Mary, Jacqui, Pat; John; Lyall; Sean; Annie; Pat; Barb; John; Margaret,
Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn; Nelson; Ruth; Stephanie and Ron; Beth; Izzy; Brian; Clarion and
Brenda plus Lester; Precious; Laura; Vanessa; Stephanie; Alex; Simon; Sean, Pat, Lynda, Karen
and Mary; Jamie and Cathie; David, Matt, Elizabeth, Dane, Dave and Joanne, Valerie.

And any others known to each of you alone and for those who have no one to remember them
by name.

Rest In Peace
The Reverend Canon Dr. Douglas Leighton. May the soul of Doug find rest eternal in the loving
arms of the Lord and rise in glory, and family, friends, and colleagues find strength and in time
comfort as they mourn.

We Pray For

The Holy Spirt to guide Bishop Todd, our priest Bill, and all church leaders as they support
the people of God into the new and evolving “ Normal”. May the way forward bring the world
to understand that the way forward is to love our neighbour – that is every living part of creation as God Loves.

We Pray For

The strength and resilience of citizens around War torn regions (especially in Ukraine) that
they will be able to give support to refugees escaping across borders, taking action to protect
them from trafficking risks and provide basic assistance of accommodation, medicine, legal
counselling, food and other necessities. May the free world work to provide safety, protection
and a sense of well-being to those who are fleeing conflict.

We Pray For

All the people impacted by adverse weather patterns and events, especially our Indigenous
siblings in Northern Canada with Spring breakup; where flooding forces people from their
homes and communities.

We Pray For

Our province as we approach the election period. Give us your wisdom to elect leaders who
will will lead by example. Guide us as we listen to platforms and make our decisions. Open our
eyes to see what’s good for all members of society in our province. Protect us from those who
want leadership for selfish reasons like power and financial gain at the expense of developing
the province, social justice, and protecting and preserving all aspects of creation.

To sign up to attend the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer, Bishop’s On Line Prayer Conference
Topic: Praying Through Times of Transition
This Saturday May 7th, from 9:30 – 12:30 pm. You can take part via Zoom in the comfort of
your home.
To Register, contact the Rev’d Kim Myer at [email protected] , text or call (519)

Reflection Booklets
Please note that these reflection booklets are available.

The regular print of “Our Daily Bread” for May.


Outreach for May
Stabilization House
London Intercommunity Health Centre: providing inclusive and equitable health and social
services to those who experience barriers to care, and fostering the active participation of
individuals and the communities served. Daily programs are offered to clients and
community members to improve their health and wellness, such as arts and crafts, nutrition
classes, book club, Indigenous sharing circles, harm reduction sessions and personal growth
Needs: toilet paper, canned good, family size and personal toiletries, crafts, cards, games.

St. Paul’s Foodbank
We are able to start collecting for this food bank once again, thanks to the care and generosity of
Doug and Laura Fairbairn, who will take the gifts to the cathedral. Food donations for St Paul’s
food bank will begin again on the second Sunday of every month, and May 15th will be our first
Sunday. Please leave your gifts in the Narthex, either before the 15th or at the Sunday services
on the 15th.
The following items would be most appreciated :
Cereals ( hot and cold ), canned meat / fish, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti sauce.
Empty egg cartons and plastic grocery bags are always needed for distribution.
The items can be deposited as before in the Narthex, or if you do not come to the in-person
services, take them to the office, where Kathy will be glad to pass them on.

Breakfast Program
We served 70 guests this past Saturday morning. Thanks to the team members that worked this
week to help out when a number of regulars weren’t available. Thanks especially to Sherry
Shadlock, Deb Bouris and Cate Ferguson for keeping things on track. As we continue to see
things open up a bit, we’ll consider our options to have guests in to eat. For now we’re going to
stick with takeout meals.
At this time financial donations towards the program are very much appreciated as we all
know the price of groceries and sundry items just continues to rise. Regular donations of
toiletries, summer clothing and footwear for men and women are needed
Our next breakfast is Saturday, May 7th, from 9 until 10:30 am.

Ukraine aid.

The Primate’s Fund is collecting gifts for aid to Ukraine (enter PWRDF to find
the website) and also the Canadian Red Cross (enter Canadian Red Cross for details), or your
own favourite agency. The need continues to be great and urgent.

More Outreach
The ACW is no longer using milk bags, but we are collecting them now for a London group
called “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.
They make sleeping mats for those in need, distributed by Project Hope.
They also collect all brands of plastic markers, high lighters and wax crayons, and ship them to
Crayola to re-purpose.
We continue to collect egg cartons for St. Paul’s food bank, used stamps for the Bible Society,
pop tabs for wheelchair purchases or repairs, greeting cards and eye glasses.
You can leave these all these items in our CRASH cupboard between the front doors.
(Conserve, Recycle And SHare)
Also remember Rick is collecting pop cans. He donates those funds to the food bank I believe.
They should be left downstairs outside the kitchen door in All Saints Hall where our recycling
bins are.


A new Fund-raising event!
The Fund Raising Committee is organizing a “Beef on a Bun” Dinner for Saturday May 28th.
This will be takeout only, so you’ll need to reserve pickup times with the Office.
Cost is $20.00, which includes two salads and homemade pie (which if it’s from our ACW
ladies, is not to be missed).

FundScrip Rick will take your card orders up to the afternoon of this Sunday, 8th May .

Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday! This week to Stephanie McCullough (1stMay), Zuriel Isima (2nd) , David
Belford (3rd) , Rick Kelly (5th) and Joseph Bennett (6th). Hope you all had/ have a happy day!!

To all those who either have a mom or who are a mom, Happy Mother’s day!