Readings for Sunday 12th June 2022 , Trinity Sunday
First reading: Proverbs 8.1-4, 22-31
Psalm 8 (the response will be said)
Second reading: Romans 5.1-5
Gospel: John 16.12-15

Sunday services. The diocese has lifted all Covid restrictions, so now it is no longer mandatory
for you to wear a mask for the 10.00 am service, although this is always a personal choice and
recommended, and hand sanitizing and social distancing where possible are sensible precautions.
The diocese leaves it up to individual parishes to decide what rules they wish to apply.
For the month of June masks will still be required at the 8.30 am service at St. Jude’s, and after
that the situation will be reconsidered.
The Common Cup can now be offered at Communion, but reception of this is optional, and
receiving just the Bread still constitutes a full Communion.
Perhaps an after service social time can now be arranged – coffee or maybe lemonade outside??
The 10.00 am service will be live streamed and recorded for the website, YouTube and
Facebook page. Here is the link for the live stream:

Office hours:
Kathy is in the office Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1.00 pm.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

June Cycle of Prayer – The fifth Mark Of Mission
Treasure – Safeguard and Renew the Earth
As Christians we are called to “safeguard the integrity of creation”. Our world is a gift from
God, and we bear the responsibility for caring for the world and the Earth’s resources.

Lord, you came into our lives to redeem all that is good, guide us in our turn to renew and
sustain the the life of your creation. Let your glory fill this place.
Let your glory fill this world!

We honour ministries in support of SAFEGUARDING AND RENEWING THE EARTH: the
Fifth Mark of Mission, including: Stewardship, Environmental Team, Work to reduce single use plastics and major recycling initiatives, Buildings and Grounds, Lock up Security Group.
Finance and Audit groups, Committee of Stewards, Treasurer, Fundscrip, Garage Sales,
Garden Volunteers.

Please pray this week for
Glenda; Mary, Jacqui, Pat; John; Sean; Pat; Barb; John; Margaret, Phyllis; Dave and Marylynn;
Nelson; Ruth; Stephanie and Ron; Beth; Brian; Clarion and Brenda plus Lester; Precious; Laura;
Vanessa; Stephanie; Alex; Simon; Sean, Pat, Lynda, Jamie and Cathie; David, Matt, Elizabeth,
Diane, Dave and Joanne and Valerie.

And any others known to each of you alone and for those who have no one to remember them
by name.

Let us Pray for

Bishop Todd, our covering priest Matt, and our priest Bill who is temporarily away. May they
have the guidance of Holy Spirit to lead them in the direction that serves them and the people
they lead so all can be the best they can be and flourish.

Let us Pray for

The People and lands of Ukraine as this illegal war rages on causing, death, destruction, and
untold suffering. May true commitment and a way forward in peace become a reality. We ask
for a softening of hearts and minds and international support and dialogue make this a top
priority and a reality, and that the the food stores held hostage in Ukraine be distributed so to
avoid a world hunger crisis.

Let us Pray for

The term of racism and phobia for “the other” become a thing of the past. May love and
respect of neighbour where every human being is seen as a human person worthy of dignity
become the norm. We ask that diversity be seen as a strength to be celebrated and not a way of
fear and division. We remember all those who have died or suffered because of their religion,
ethnicity, culture, skin color, or sexual orientation and ask that they be honored as beloved
children of God.

Let us Pray for

The planet, our island home, where climate change is causing global warming that upsets
weather patterns and causes weather related emergencies, melts sea ice, raises ocean levels while
causing drought inland, ecosystems are under stress and being destroyed, while loss of habitat
and animal extinctions are happening almost daily. It is not too late, but we must act now. Give
us the will to each do our part, and with the help of each other and Holy Spirit let us be amazed
at what can happen.

Looking for the latest Devotional Booklets?
They are in the Narthex, so help yourself, or if you cannot get there, call the office at 519-660-6198.


Outreach for June
St. Paul’s Foodbank – June 11th
Community Breakfast – June 4th and 18th
National Indigenous Day – June 21st

Rotholme: Family Shelter primarily accommodates families (two parent and single parent
families, both male and female led).
Needs: Fitted single sheets, towels and diapers for 4-5months old.

St. Paul’s Foodbank
Our next food bank Sunday is is this Sunday, 12th June, and the following items will be most
appreciated : Cereals ( hot and cold ), canned meat / fish, macaroni & cheese, Granola bars and spaghetti in a sauce. Empty egg cartons and plastic grocery bags are always needed for distribution.
The items can be deposited as before in the Narthex, or if you do not come to the in-person
services, take them to the office, where Kathy will be glad to pass them on.
Laura and Doug Fairbairn will take the items to the foodbank.

Breakfast Program
Last Saturday was a busy day as our volunteers served 71 take away breakfasts. It was a beautiful
morning for guests to enjoy some fellowship together outside and check out the yard sale
offerings. Donations of toiletries such as shaving cream, deodorants, sunscreen and body wash
are always appreciated. Our next breakfast is Saturday, June 18th.

Ukraine aid. The Primate’s Fund is collecting gifts for aid to Ukraine (enter PWRDF to find
the website) and also the Canadian Red Cross (enter Canadian Red Cross for details), or your
own favourite agency. The need continues to be great and urgent.

Volunteers Needed

Gardeners!! Calling on St. Jude’s volunteers. We are in need of some additional gardening
help, in particular, the rose garden and beds along the East driveway. If you are able to add your
green thumb to keep our gardens beautiful, please let the office know and we’ll connect you with the others. Thank you.

Masonry. You may have noticed that the stonework along the church side of the East driveway
needs some work. If you or someone you know could help with the repairs, please contact
the office at 519-660-9198. Thank you.

Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday! This week to Carol Calder (10th ) and Sharyn Ulrich (11th). Hope you have
a happy day!!

And, congratulations to: Vikki and Don Norris, and Sharon and Geoff Viglianti, who
celebrated their wedding anniversaries on 6th June, and to Gladys and Tony Lave, celebrating on
the 11th.