Readings for Sunday 24th July 2022 , Pentecost 7
First reading: Hosea 1.2-10
Psalm 85
Second reading: Colossians 22.6-19
Gospel: Luke 11.1-13

Sunday services. The diocese has lifted all Covid restrictions, so now it is no longer mandatory
for you to wear a mask for the services, although this is always a personal choice and
recommended, and hand sanitizing and social distancing where possible are sensible precautions.
The diocese leaves it up to individual parishes to decide what rules they wish to apply.
The Common Cup can now be offered at Communion, but reception of this is optional, and
receiving just the Bread still constitutes a full Communion.
The service will be live streamed and recorded for the website, YouTube and Facebook page.
Here is the link for Sunday’s service:

A note from the Wardens
Even though Covid rules have been largely lifted, it is still wise for us to observe good protective
practices, especially as health authorities say we are now in a seventh Covid wave, led by the
new BA variants. The Wardens strongly encourage the wearing of masks and hand sanitizing at
our services and gatherings, and especially urge that anyone who is not feeling well, has a cough,
sore throat, runny nose, etc., should not attend these events at St. Jude’s. Stay home until your
symptoms have resolved, and take part in the live-streamed service. This will ensure the best
protection for us all.
And, make sure your vaccinations are fully up to date!

Office hours
Kathy is in the office Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1.00 pm. Hand sanitizing and wearing your
mask is strongly recommended if you visit.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for
Mary and family; Glenda; Mary, Sean; Pat; Barb; John; Margaret, Dave and Marylynn; Nelson;
Ruth; Stephanie and Ron; Beth; Clarion and Brenda plus Lester; Precious; Laura; Stephanie;
Alex; Pat, Jamie and Cathie; David, Matt, Elizabeth, Diane, Dave and Joanne, Valerie and Lynda.
And any others known to each of you alone and for those who have no one to remember them by

Rest In Peace
Bill Barnett, a long time and very committed member of the family of St Jude. He and his
knowledge and wisdom will be missed. May the soul of Bill find rest eternal and rise in Glory
into the loving arms of the Saviour. We pray for Gail and the family at the sudden loss of their
loved one, may they find strength and in time comfort.

Isabella Fountain (sister of Andy Orosz). May the soul of Isabella find rest eternal and rise in
glory, and Andy and all the family find strength and comfort at this difficult time as they mourn.

We Pray for

The world wide communion of Anglicans (especially Huron’s Bishop Todd) as they gather at
the Lambeth Conference July 26th – August 8th. May they have deep and meaningful
conversations and accept that while they may see things differently they need to agree to disagree
without judgment. Diversity is a strength. We pray for safe travels and wise council.

We Pray for

All clergy especially our priest Bill on Sabbatical and Fr. Matt covering the summer. May they
be guided by Holy Spirit to bring your loving care and words into their own hearts and to the
people of God.

We Pray for

The acceptance that our world is in a climate crisis and we all need to do our part, individually
we can do our small actions and advocate for corporations to do their bigger actions to manage
climate change. We pray for rain where there is drought, and dryness where there is flooding,
cooler temperatures where there are heat alerts and ice melting, and care for people, animals and
plants to adjust and be protected.

We Pray for

The upcoming PRIDE parade this Sunday. May the acceptance of all Gods children become
common place, where hatred has no home. May we come to see that diversity is not to be feared
but embraced so all may bring their gifts.

Living the Marks of Mission (July and August Cycle of Prayer)

– listen with all your heart – honour your elders – encourage young people to be active in church
often and loudly – choose good over evil – welcome the stranger – write the government about the
issues that matter – invite a co-worker to church – help your dad do housework – get messy with
school kids – say “Thank the Lord” and mean it – tweet your blessings one by one – introduce your
grandkids to nature – read and share God’s word – Pray,

Looking for the latest Devotional Booklets?
They are in the Narthex, so help yourself, or if you cannot get there, please call the office at 519-660-6198.


Outreach for July
The Outreach Committee is drawing our attention to:
The Pride Parade, this Sunday afternoon, 24th July.
Also, the focus this month is the environment, encouraging composting at home, stopping the use
of single use plastics, etc. See the Bulletin boards for information about composting.

Pride Parade, the Pride London Festival.
An invitation from Joanne and Dennis Johns:
Pride Parade 2022 this Sunday July 24th at 12 noon. Join us to celebrate love and diversity in
our community! The parade starts at the Western Fairgrounds and the group finishes with food
and fellowship.

St. Paul’s Foodbank
Our next Food Bank Sunday is August 14th.
They have asked for Cereals , canned meat , Pasta Sauce & Noodles , baked Beans , and some
toiletries . Egg cartons and used plastic bags will be great too! Please leave your gifts in the
Narthex or drop them off at the office.

Breakfast Program
Last Saturday the team served 63 take away breakfasts in a bag. The warm entrée was a
breakfast wrap with eggs, cheese and ham. We continue to pack the bags with juice boxes,
instant oatmeal, granola bars, oranges, bananas, yogurt, cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, muffins
and baked treats. Coffee, tea, orange juice or lemonade, and milk are offered, and many choose
to enjoy their beverage in fellowship with others before heading home.
Two high school student volunteer, newcomers to Canada 3 years ago, were welcomed by the
prep team this past Friday and will come again throughout the summer. This month we’ll hold
three breakfasts. Your financial support is essential to the ongoing hospitality we are able to offer
to those in need in our community. Thank you!
Next breakfast is Saturday July 30th when we shall prepare for 75 guests.

Ukraine aid. The Primate’s Fund is collecting gifts for aid to Ukraine (enter PWRDF to find the
website) and also the Canadian Red Cross (enter Canadian Red Cross for details), or your own
favourite agency. The need continues to be great and urgent.


Nearly New Shop has a wonderful selection of new men’s large golf shirts ,and size 36 men’s
shorts. Prices will be unbelievable, I imagine!!

Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday! This week to Mae Goodfellow (18th July), Patricia Morley-Forster (19th ), Ken
Newcombe and Brian McKay (20th) and Chris Chalmers (21st) . Hope you all had/ have a happy

And, congratulations to Faye and Mike Geoghegan, who celebrate their wedding anniversary
today, 20th July, and Cathy-Lee and John Benbow, who celebrate their wedding anniversary on
23rd July.