Readings for Sunday 25th September, Pentecost 16, and the fourth Season of Creation
Sunday. The theme is Creation and Redemption.
First reading: Isaiah 65: 17-25
Psalm 46
Second reading: Colossians 1: 15-23
Gospel: John 3: 16-21

Queen Elizabeth
A Diocesan memorial service for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be held at St. Paul’s
Cathedral in London, Ontario, with Bishop Todd Townshend presiding, on Thursday,
September 22nd at 7 pm.
The Diocese will provide a live stream of the service, which can be accessed at the Diocese of
Huron webpage.

Sunday services
The Common Cup is offered at Communion, but reception of this is optional, and receiving just
the Bread still constitutes a full Communion.
The 10.00 am service will be live streamed and recorded for the website, YouTube and
Facebook pages.
Here is the live stream link for Sunday 25th September:

Blessing of the Animals
On Sunday October 2nd, at the 10:00 a.m. liturgy we will conclude our celebration of the Season
of Creation with a blessing of the animals. If you have a pet, you are welcome to bring it with
you to church for a blessing. The tradition of the blessing of the animals came to be associated
with St. Francis of Assisi, whom the Church remembers each year in October. This association
probably grew out of St. Francis’ love, care and concern for all created things. A blessing of
Animals witnesses to God’s and our love, care and concern for all Creation. As we recognize
our mutual interdependence with God’s creatures we are reminded of our responsibility to be
good stewards of Creation.

From the Wardens
The Wardens strongly encourage the wearing of masks and hand sanitizing at our services and
gatherings, and especially urge that anyone who is not feeling well, has a cough, sore throat,
runny nose, etc., should not attend these events at St. Jude’s. Stay home until your symptoms
have resolved, and take part in the live-streamed service. This will ensure the best protection for
us all.

Office hours
Kathy is in the office Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1.00 pm, Hand sanitizing and wearing your
mask is strongly recommended if you visit.

Prayer and Pastoral Care

Please pray this week for
Jan and Bob; Brian; Mary, Pat; Barb; John; Margaret, Dave and Marylynn; Nelson; Ruth;
Stephanie and Ron; Beth; Clarion and Brenda plus Lester; Precious; Laura; Stephanie; Alex;
Jamie and Cathie; David, Matt, Elizabeth, Diane, Dave and Joanne, Valerie, Lynda; Leigh plus
Keith and Karleen; Joseph and Erin plus John, Mary Anne; Geoff plus Linda and Randy, Kelly,
Michael plus Nancy and Andy.

Rest In Peace
Joe Bennett. May the soul of Joe find rest eternal and rise in glory, and Bobbie, the family and
friends that they find comfort as they grieve.

In Memory of Queen Elizabeth II
Gracious God we give thanks for the life of your servant Queen Elizabeth II
For her faith and her dedication to duty.
May her example continue to inspire us.
Bless our nation and the Commonwealth as we mourn her death.
Deal graciously we pray, on the members of the Royal Family,
That casting every care on You, they may know the consolation of your love.

And for King Charles III
Everlasting God, we pray for King Charles III
Bless his reign and the life of our nation
Help us to work together so that truth and justice,
harmony and fairness flourish among us.

We Pray For

Bishop Todd, our priest Bill and all Clergy. May they be guided by Holy Spirit as they
endeavour to create new normals for worship, liturgy and general ministry with the ebbs and
flows of Covid. May they help the people of God to assess individual risks and return to
community gatherings or continue online as best meets individual circumstances and situations.

We Pray For

The people in Pakistan and Japan who are facing storms and extreme flooding due to adverse
weather patterns and storms, for the Canadian West facing forest fires due to extreme heat and
for all people experiencing weather related crises that causes loss of life, injury, and loss of a
way of life. May the world pull together to support those in their time of crisis and going
forward address the impacts of climate justice for the long term.

We Pray For

For the people of Ukraine as the illegal occupation continues and appears to be escalating and
for all places where war and conflict exist and cause unfathomable suffering and grief. May the
world leaders work to bring about peace through dialogue and support.

We Pray For

As we approach September 30th, The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation or Orange Shirt day, may we reflect on the reconciliation needed between indigenous and settler people so all may flourish and have life in abundance in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

Fifth Mark of Mission
In thanksgiving and in honouring of the five Sundays of the “Seasons Of Creation,” we shall be
using the fifth Mark of Mission for our cycle of prayer.

Treasure – Safeguard and Renew the Earth
As Christians we are called to “safeguard the integrity of creation”. Our world is a gift from
God. We bear the responsibility for caring for the world and the Earth’s resources.

Lord, you came into our lives to redeem all that is good, guide us in our turn to renew and
sustain the the life of your creation. Let your glory fill this place.
Let your glory fill this world!

We honour ministries in support of SAFEGUARDING AND RENEWING THE EARTH, the
Fifth Mark of Mission, including Stewardship.
Environmental Team, Work to reduce single use plastics and major recycling initiatives,
Buildings and Grounds, Lock up Security Group, Grubby days
Finance and Audit groups, Committee of Stewards, Treasurer, Fundscrip, Garage Sales, Garden

Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
Diocese of Huron Fall gathering 2022 is planned for Saturday, October 1st, 9:30 am to 12:30pm(online).
“Let us walk in joy and wonder”. When we consider how we will lead our children to faith, we
are often surprised to find them leading us! Join the Rev’d Gerry Adam for a time of
storytelling, reflection and prayer as we explore the formation of our youngest disciples.
To register please contact the Rev’d Kim Myer at [email protected] or by calling/texting


LIRSA (London Interfaith Refugee Sponsorship Alliance)
Outreach Supports LIRSA with a yearly donation:
LIRSA is a group of churches that sponsors and supports individuals and families who have been
identified as refugees according to the United Nations Geneva Convention, and have been
approved as refugee claimants through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
LIRSA was formed in 1996. In 2021, the church members were: Siloam, Riverside and
Colborne St. United Churches; St. George’s and St. Jude’s Anglican Churches. The work of
LIRSA is humanitarian, non-sectarian, and apolitical. The alliance welcomes support from all
groups and individuals who share the goal of helping to relieve some of the suffering of people
forced to flee their countries, and helping new Canadians make a successful transition to a
stable, productive life in Canada.

A new family: Mom (grade 8 education), Dad (grade 5 education), son (aged 11, grade 4
education), and daughter (aged 2), all speaking Farsi and Turkish. They are from Afghanistan
but have been in Turkey for at least two years. They are coming under the BVOR (Blended Visa
Office Referral) program which means that LIRSA and the government will each support
them financially for six months.
LIRSA Refugee Program Update: Afghani family, the Rahimis, will arrive in Toronto September 22nd! The government’s Resettlement Assistance Program, sets the minimum
standards for start-up costs and monthly income support to be provided to the resettled refugees
according to their community of settlement.
Information from the government’s document: the newcomers will receive financial assistance
from the government (IRCC) during months 2-7. Sponsor groups like us are responsible for all
start-up costs, income support for months 1, 8-12 and any additional reasonable expenses
incurred during the settlement year (e.g. Dental care coverage, additional housing costs, etc.)
Realistically, LIRSA needs about $23,000.00 to support the Afghani family we are expecting, for
one year.
With the apartment vacancy rate so low here in London and with the rental prices escalating
constantly, we are concerned about our chances of finding a suitable two-bedroom
apartment/townhouse in the $1,600/month range.
If you have or know of anyone who might have leads for us, please let Peggy Rivard know
(519-433-7465) asap. Even if you know of someone who may be interested in helping for one
month, October, this would be of immense help.
A special thanks to Francis Rinker for being the St. Judes representative on this committee.

St. Paul’s Food Bank
Our next Food Bank Sunday is Sunday, 9th October

Breakfast Program
The Ministry of the Month for September is St. Jude’s own Breakfast Program. We are very
grateful for the terrific support shown by our parish family and friends for this vital ministry
over the past few years! 80 take away breakfasts were served this past Saturday and we don’t
foresee any reduction in the numbers in the weeks ahead. Since July 2nd, we have served 524
meals. Please consider making a donation to the program at this time to help us cover the
monthly costs of $1100. If you are unable to help financially, perhaps you would like to join our
team of bakers to make muffins or treats for the guests, or make a donation of toiletries, gently
used clothing or footwear. Please help us continue to offer a quality breakfast to those in need in
our community!
Our next breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, 1st October.

Ukraine aid. The Primate’s Fund is collecting gifts for aid to Ukraine and Pakistan (enter
PWRDF to find the website) and also the Canadian Red Cross (enter Canadian Red Cross for
details), or your own favourite agency. The need continues to be great and urgent.


The ACW is making rhubarb pies this week for sale at $10.00 each. They will be available for
sale on Sunday, or can be pre-ordered by contacting the office.

Golf ++ The Fund Raising and Social committee will be hosting a golf evening, Friday
September 30th. It will be a “Nine and Dine” event at Cobble Hills Golf course, and players and
guests are welcome. Tee time start at 4 pm, and Golf , cart and dinner $67.00. Walking
$55.00, and Dinner only $30.00.
Dinner choices
1) Steak, potatoes, salad and dessert.
2) Veggie lasagna , potatoes salad and dessert.
Closing date is September 23rd. Please contact the office with your meal choice.

Take out Turkey Dinner
The Fund Raising team is organizing a turkey dinner on October 22nd. The cost will be $20.00,
as before, and dinner will include Gravy, Dressing, Mixed Veggies, Cranberries, Mashed
Potatoes, and Homemade Pie. Please call the office to pre -book your dinner.

Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday! This week to Myfanwy Matthews (18th September), Maureen Elder (22nd), and
Phil Faulkner, Meghan Kirkland and Elly Stephens, all on the 24th. . Hope you all had/have a
happy day!

And congratulations to Diane and Jack Beedle, who celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary
today, the 21st of September!!

Season of Creation; Tips from the diocese regarding environmental protection
Avoid Food waste! Don’t get too hung up on “best before” dates, some are arbitrary, but use your
senses to determine whether something has gone bad. Better yet, make sure you use up what you
have long before it can go bad.
Compost: Food waste cannot break down efficiently in landfill because of methane gas releases, so buy a
composter for your yard and use it.
You could also bury compost in the garden, you never know what might pop up next year!
Make use of municipal composting program and advocate for these where they do not exist
Grow your own; it is easy to grow some vegetables in planters or get ambitious and build a
garden. Food can be grown indoors and outdoors!
Buy local; South Western Ontario has a rich agricultural heritage. Stop by farmer’s stands and
farmer’s markets and see what is in season. Take a page from Grandma’s book by making jam, sauces, pickles, and more, to capture the freshness of the season and preserve it for enjoyment in the months to come.