Readings for Sunday 9th July, Pentecost 6
First reading: Genesis 24.34-38, 42-49, 58-67.
Psalm 45.1-2,7-10
Second reading: Romans 7.15-25a
Gospel: Matthew 11.16-19,25-30

Response for Psalm 45: “Every age will recall your name; this song will fix it in their memory”

Hymns for 9th July
Ancient Words (words on screen)
628 (verses 1-4)

Link for the Sunday 9th July 9.30 am service:

Summer services
We now have one service of Holy Eucharist at 9.30 am each Sunday. This will run until


Outreach for July. This month we are asked to think about the environment, with a special
emphasis on composting (with all the garden benefits it brings) and avoiding use of single
purpose plastic bags.

Breakfast Program
Along with the other meal programs in the city, we continue to see higher numbers at our
Saturday morning breakfasts. We served 87 this past Saturday and each time, more stay to visit
and share another cup of coffee. And despite the warm weather, the hot porridge is always a hit
– some folks even have more than one bowl! Thank you to all who gave a donation toward the
fresh strawberries we served to celebrate Canada Day – they were really appreciated by those in
attendance. Our next breakfast is Saturday July 15th from 9 – 10:30 am. All are welcome.

Bakers needed. With the rise in our numbers at the Breakfast program, we are looking for
more bakers. Volunteers donate 2 dozen home made muffins, or 3 dozen treats, according to
the schedule. Treats are usually rice Krispy squares, Brownies or other items that travel well.
Please contact the office at 519-660-6198 or email at [email protected] if you are
able to help with this ministry.

St. Paul’s Food Bank
Our next Food Bank Sunday is this Sunday, 9th July, and they will appreciate Cereals, Tuna,
pasta sauce, mac & cheese and peanut butter.

PRIDE PARADE A message from Dennis J.
Joanne and I had walked in the annual Pride Parade for many years when my bride had the bright
idea to see if the church wanted to take part. We approached the parish seven years ago, and
along with Pat and Sean L., organized the first St. Jude’s contingent to take part.
That first year, we had 27 folks under the “St. Jude’s and St. Alban’s” banner proudly – and
joyously – walk with thousands of Londoners who support inclusion and human rights for all.
Some of our parishioners did not walk the entire route, but jumped in near Victoria Park
(including a very vocal Mary Anne and Ray C. who brought water bottles for the whole
group) and the party after. Others cheered us from the sides of Queen St; Helen P. brought a
large group of folks from her retirement home right on Queen St. out to the sidewalk with
rainbow flags.
Every parade since, the church has taken part, but our numbers have dwindled every year – due
to folks being away on holiday, having other commitments, or, even though the spirit was
willing, not being physically able to take part. Last year, we had five walkers (who alternated
carrying the banner and passing out candies to the hundreds of kids who line the parade route)
and our usual two “rollers” (you can guess who, and who, God bless them, have been there every
This year’s parade is Sunday, July 23rd. It starts around noon (after church!) and is usually done
by 3 pm (although we customarily celebrate somewhere afterwards).
Joanne and I will be walking under any circumstance, but before we register the church, we
would like to see how folks would like to, and can, join us and if it is, indeed feasible. Hence, if
you are interested can you let us know at your earliest convenience. Our email is [email protected]

ISRAEL & ICE SKATES. On our recent trip to Israel we met a gentleman from All Saint’s
Anglican Church in Windsor, Ontario, whose parish Mission Outreach project is providing ice
skates to whomever might like them, either on a permanent or short term loan basis. The project
started small but has grown over the years, so much so that they have their own skate sharpening
machine which is in high demand. He is always on the lookout for ice skates which are looking
for a new home. So, if you are in de-cluttering mode, are downsizing, or just want your skates to
go out and have some fun again, please think of him and help your skates (men’s, women’s,
boys’, or girls’) re-achieve their full potential. If you would like to donate your skates, please
contact the office at 519-660-6198, or via Email at [email protected] .
Don’t worry, we already have a no cost plan to get them to Windsor.


Really advance notice! St. Jude’s Golf and Dinner Social. Please save this date- Friday, Sept.
22nd for 9 holes of golf at Cobble Hills. First tee times will be about 4 pm. After golf, we will
get together at a restaurant in London for dinner at about 7 pm. Even if you don’t golf, please feel
free to join us for dinner! For more information or to confirm you want to play and/or dine
please contact the office at 519-660-6198. Thanks.

FundScrip. Rick is now at the church for the Sunday service, and will take your orders for
cards after the service. Once the cards come in, he will similarly distribute them to customers.
Bearing in mind the recent letter from the Finance Committee, FundScrip is an easy way to help
the church finances without putting any strain on your household budget. The cards can be used
in many ways, all of them for things you have to buy anyway, but each time you use a card, the
church receives a percentage. So please consider this, it’s easy with very little inconvenience. They
also make handy birthday gifts too!

Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday this week to Cherie L. and Matthew S. (3rd July), and Mary O. (4th).
Hope you had happy days!!

And, congratulations to Sherry and Doug W, who celebrate their wedding anniversary on
8th July.

Handy Tip

Kitty Litter Alternative. Jo Anne C. has a great tip to share with cat lovers.
Looking for kitty litter that is not dusty, much cheaper and efficient? Try Softwood pellets
(made to burn in pellet stoves and used for horse bedding) – it works great and is cheap. They
are sold in 40 lb. bags and cost between $7 to $9 dollars. Try the Canadian Tire on Dundas East
and Copp’s Hardware on Dundas East.
To use: in a clean, empty, litter box, pour roughly 3 cups to just barely cover the bottom of the
litter box. Use sparingly because it turns to sawdust as soon as it gets wet and increases in
volume tremendously. It smells like pine and absorbs wet and smells. Because it takes so little
of the pellets, one bag can last for 7 months so the cost is less than a dollar a month. You only
have to completely dump it out once every 3 to 4 weeks and it can be composted. You may want
to scoop the poop every day. Thanks Jo Anne!

Updates. As we are into Summer, we like to take a little break, so regular Updates may not
occur as usual. However, anything the parish needs to know will be sent as necessary.