Readings for Sunday 30th July, Pentecost 9
First reading: Genesis 28.10-19a.
Psalm 128
Second reading: Romans 8.12-25
Gospel: Matthew 13.24-30,36-43

Response for Psalm 128: “May God bless you all the days of your life”

Live-stream link for the Sunday 30th July 9.30 am service:

Summer services.
One service of Holy Eucharist at 9.30 am each Sunday, until September.


Outreach for July. This month we are asked to think about the environment, with a special
emphasis on composting (with all the garden benefits it brings) and avoiding use of single
purpose plastic bags.

Breakfast Program
We are serving wraps with egg, cheese and beef this Saturday at our Community Breakfast.
Each week we are seeing more friends enjoying their breakfast in house and staying to visit
over a second cup of coffee or bowl of hot oatmeal. We continue to host new individuals and
families and they are very grateful to find seasonal clothing and toiletries to take home. Your
donations of toilet paper, men’s shaving supplies, shampoos, etc. that contribute to their personal
hygiene can make a very positive difference to someone’s health and self esteem – thank you!
We do 2 breakfasts in a row due to the five Saturdays in July – July 29th and August 5th.
All are welcome!

St. Paul’s Food Bank
Our next Food Bank Sunday is 13th August.
They always appreciate Spaghetti Sauce, Canned Meat, Mac & Cheese, Peanut Butter,
Cereals, Canned Soup, etc.

FundScrip. Rick will take your card orders this Sunday, 30th
July. See Rick in the Narthex after the service.

We can help!
Wildfires in British Columbia have reached historic levels of destruction. Since April, over
1,000 wildfires and three million acres of land have been burned, displacing thousands of
residents, destroying homes, and damaging critical infrastructure. Particularly at risk are the
brave firefighters and service personnel who have put their lives on the line to battle the fires.
For Indigenous Communities in B.C., the rampant forest fires have isolated nearly 5,000
residents of Chisasibi and others in the Cree Nation due to the closure of highways that are used
to enter the region. Access to potable water, food, and gas has created a frightening and
unsustainable situation.
We can help in this disastrous situation. Send a donation to the Primate’s Fund (noting the
intention) or to the Red Cross, or through Canada Helps ( ).

Let’s Celebrate

Happy Birthday this week to Wally L. (26th July – today!), and Lucy U., Sherry
S. and Glenda H., all on the 28th. Hope you all have a happy day!!

Important Information

Covid (Yes, it’s still around!)
A message from Joanne L. J.:
Effective the week of July 7th 2023, individuals 5 years and older should consider delaying
receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine booster until Fall 2023. Receiving a booster dose in the Fall, as
respiratory season commences, will maximize protection against COVID-19 when peak
circulation of the virus is expected. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI)
also announced their recommendations for Fall boosters this week, stating that new vaccines
may be arriving that will provide protection against current COVID-19 circulating variants. At that time,
we will proceed with more clinics for more individuals, and it is expected that six months should pass
between the last COVID-19 vaccine dose and/or COVID infection before receiving the Fall booster.
Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to hold off until the Fall, no matter what their current
age or health status may be right now.